A Sigh of Relief

Phew, the test is going to be over tomorrow. Suppose to be today but because of some circumstance, we Form 2 only need to re-sit our BM essay again. Tomorrow going to be Art test. No memorizing needed. Just skill. So more I'm taking chance to share something with you.

Before you see it, REMINDER It's not for under-aged. 12 below.

Saw this from MiriCommunity.net again. NameWee is on the road again. LOL. Enjoy

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Just a short one. Sorry for not blogging for days. Test coming soon, so I gonna not-to-be-blog for 2 weeks. Wish me luck at exam. See ya

And Happy Belated Birthday to my Brother and also Happy Birthday to Amabel this coming Tuesday.

That's it

Sarawak Challenge 2009 First Aid Duty

First of all....the first aid duty is BORING! Me, SiehLung and Sheau Harn, together with 3 other Boy Scouts were like sitting there doing nothing for 10 hours. It's really a long long LONG time. Anyway, this event is actually a camping and the location is at College Tun Dato Tuanku Haji Bujang, Miri. Arrived there at 0730hrs and then just sat there. Spent my RM6 of phone credit to subscribe to 24 hours unlimited Broadband service. Money bye-bye. And thanks to SiehLung for bringing his GameBoy Advance (though it's old-school) but better than none to clear our "boredness".

The banner. Behind it is the place we sat for 10 hours doing nothing.....

The participants sleeping "tent". It's not a tent. Just like a simple stretcher with a canvas to form a 'A' shape, dangling is mid air LOL.....Wonder how they sleep inside.

All the participants are from around Malaysia. All are adults. And all the activities I can only describe with one word 'TOUGH'. I was told that they're having cycling, canoeing, base activity and exploring one of the oldest cave in Earth, Gua Niah.

Base activity section which was behind the college.

Ropes wrapped around the tree trunks for participants to climb UP!

Before they climb up, they had to go through this tough terrain.

Which the terrain was a cliff....high one.

And this is where they GO DOWN!

A good sea scenery for the participants to enjoy before going down.....Or maybe just to clear their height-sickness. LOL...It was me actually having height-sickness.

Well, this is the only pictures I could take. Other I couldn't because I didn't follow them. I took these pictures when I was asked to take some food and drinks for them. Overall, it's very tiring for me. Good thing is I can skip school. LOL

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Happy Mooncake Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival to all. This year nothing special to me and my family as we only celebrated in at home just now. Well, I can say really a unusual way to celebrate this festival. No lantern for this year. You'll know why later. Especially on what we ate to celebrate Mooncake Festival.....


SUSHI?!!!!! Celebrating Mooncake Festival with A Japs dish??!!

Pudding.....lol....Made by my sis

Continue shall we?

Home-made pizza?! You might now wondering "WTH ARE YOU CELEBRATING?!"

Chill....chill....here's the "THING"
Tada......Mooncake! Not my flavor anyway LOL....

Just a simply celebration. Forgot to watch the full moon. Anyway Happy Mooncake Festival to all.

That's it