St Joseph RC Camp Part 2

This is basically Part 2. This post is more on Wednesday Spiral Zone. Woot.

SP1 Holy s………


Mama!!!!! Tolong!!!!!



I got some bad feeling here…….




Err……WTH is Ke Jing DOING…..




Mud bath anyone?? Good for our skin.


Come one lah…..Don’t scream. Gimme a pose.


That’s more like it ma……


Garbage zone


Jackie and Jia Zheng very “high” o…..


Adeline :" Muthafuc? My worst nightmare.” lol


There should be more pictures on this Spiral Zone because IT’S THE MOST DIRTIEST GAME in this camp of course.

To be continued again…….

St Joseph RC Camp Part 1

Just joined St Joseph RC Training camp last week for 5 days and 4 nights. Quite a long one so it’s really really tiring.

Alright now, I’ll just less talk and more on pictures. These pictures are from the camp committee, Arthur Yong. Thank you :)

Backdrop and this camp's theme

So this is just basically the backdrop and the theme for this year camp. “Action Speak Louder than Words”

Camp commandant This is our camp commandant, Miss Jessie.

After we all settled down with all those craps and rules and regulations, we all started off with designing our own groups scoreboard. And presenting it in front for judges.

Scoreboard presentation After bli-bla’ing from all the 8 groups, we all headed off for lunch. After lunch, we create group flag again. So many things to create at the start of the camp….Jeez.

Group flag making Hahha, this is my group and we’re creating our simple flag. Simplicity is the best. Spot me.

And so same thing goes with the presentation of group flag. Takes the whole afternoon. Then at night, we had Ice breaking session. Kinda forgot already. I guess it was the dancing part. Dancing Pink Panther and Sorry, Sorry.

Participants dancing Sorry Sorry All tried their best to dance it out especially the Sorry, Sorry as it’s the hardest and yet the fastest dance. Dang….

Had night call in the middle of midnight and we started playing Night Game (Detective game). Had fun searching and identifying the murderer.

Next day, had flag-rising first then we’re off for marching. Marching Hahaha, Jia Zheng’s group. Jackie and Nak Cari Gaduh(it’s her nickname. Don’t know her name)

Then after breakfast, we had some Immobilizing, Transporting and Bandaging session. Train us to learn those techniques. Bandaging

Immobolizing Transporting

After these, lunch time again. After some rest, we all started off for Water Games. I should say FINALLY because it really cleared up my boredness during the camp.

Game 10 Game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Game 6 Game 7 Game 8 Game 9I think that’s all for now. It’s just part 1 anyway. Hehe. Photographer haven’t finish uploading the pictures onto Facebook. Sorry ar pictures very small because I use Windows Live Writer

To be continue……..

My new "Weapon" in blogging.

And that's my new bought Nikon COOLPIX L21 Camera. Bought yesterday night after persuading my father to buy a new one after the old 80% broken Nikon camera. lol.

The camera. Stylish looking. Cost only at RM328. lol No money buy high-end cam.

At the camera shop yesterday, I was about to choose Canon Powershot A450 model(if i'm not wrong) but luckily I chose this because of it stylish looking and nice lens. Although it only at 8MP but megapixel isn't everything in camera. It's their function.

There's many function in this RM328 camera. Marco, Color option, Motion Detection and many more. Below are some few pictures I took just now.

Marco picture. Amazing stuff

Random standard shooting with BSS enabled. It's like you just press held the shutter button and stop until you like and it will choose the best quality picture. Awesome.

B&W picture of my couple dogs. lol. Good to have them staying together without moving for me to take the shot. It's tilted though.

And there's BSS(Best Shot Selector), Multi shoot 16, something called Exposure Compensation and Panorama Maker!!!!!!. Awesome functions in cheap camera. Recommended.

And most of all, it's just released this year. WTH?

Anyway, that's it for now
(No Signing)


Well, my Pra-PMR test results has been very sucked. Chinese and BM. Both my failure subjects. Haiz what to do. Thank God, this isn't the real or else, doom.

Back to my gaming life. Think I should just lessen my gaming time to study. lol. Anyway, it's been raining yesterday at my area. Finally. But it's useless now. Hot hot. Had a few fun my COD4 and keep on changing my perks to improve my gaming experience. More kills less camps lol. Camping was my strategy but now I seems like to assault whenever I can. Still can't resist my camping instinct because IT HELPS ME GET A LOT of kills. lol. People say me retard or whatever, don't care.

Let's just hope that my test results can get better. Could only aim for top 20 this time. Jeez

That's it
(No more Sig)

Don't know why

Exam just finished yesterday but I don't understand why I don't have the mood of a little stress being released as everybody's like screaming "Finally free...." or whatsoever in Facebook lol. Anyway, I've been officially one week no touch computer. But surprising thing is my connection is back to normal.

Been trying to searching for latest English songs. Jeez, internet song TrackID sucks. LOL. Now the only way to catch the Title of the song is listening to radio through ONLINE. or Two great channels. But for no reason, I've been addicted by Maybe Melissa is right. Hitz better. lol. Facebook no mood play those games. Now only keep on playing, playing and playing COD4. Still waiting for BFBC2 and my bro PES(Pro Evolution Soccer "FiFA alike")

Bla bla bla......Facebook news feed full of craps. LOL. Anyway, exam has been a mess for me. Especially my English paper 2 and my Chinese. Hope it's not as bad as I think. Miri hazy hazy everyday. Hot hot weather and I don't like it.

Anyway that's all craps from me.