YLC Camp

Hands hurt, legs ache, whole body smells and so on. That's my condition when I finally got back home after a 4 days 3 nights YLC Camp at Lambir National Park.

Day 1 is basically all about Ice-Breaking. My group, Group 1 consist of 7 people. After pitching up the tents and had our lunch, we built our own gadget. Not a bad experience. But for no reason I really felt sick and want to vomit AND I did without people noticing. My sickness just getting worst and worst. Then at around 8PM (Estimation) I can't hold it anymore. My Camp Commandant quickly take me to one of the chalet (not for participants) and rest. Checked by Mr Haizulyadi and some of the AJK's and teachers, they let me had a drink of warm chocolate drink to see if it clears off my sickness. OBVIOUSLY, it didn't. I vomited all out. Rest in chalet for the night.

Day 2 was better for me. Body's stronger already. No more sickness after the nice long rest in the chalet. Thank God. Had some First-Aid activities and some station games. Then at night, we in groups discussed about what to perform during the Malam Persembahan/Cultural show. I never like it. Then it's zzz time. We supposed to be sleeping in the camps but it's raining which this pissed Mr Haizulyadi off. I think he's right about it. We should sleep in camps no matter how wet it is.

Day 3. My hatred day and also my lovely day. All day long we're jungle-trekking in Lambir National Parks. Played with waterfall, had some climbs, commando style moving on mud. All add it up = my shoes Byebye. And it did. Then the Cultural show we all managed to have fun for all. Then at sleepng time. We finally need to sleep in the camps in rain. Had some blood donations to the mosquitoes. But managed to sleep throughout the night.

Day 4 which is today. GREAT! Had morning exercise. Breakfast = Two plates of fried noodles. Then we had Disaster Management. Quite hard but managed to gain some experience and some teachings from the Officers in-charge. Lunch time then it's closing ceremony time. Got back home at around 1715hrs.

That's it for today.

Class Party

I'm darn so tired now because was all day long at the beach celebrating class party. Wah~myself smelled smoke now because I've been 9 hours sitting in front of the BBQ set? WTF? LOL......BBQ'ing is fun for me I think though not for my health. I've been "smoking" hundreds of cigarettes today eating many caused-cancer food LOL!

Picture to share here. I'm so lame in blogging.

Raining in the morning.......Just bad luck I guess but after this just some small rain so no BIG deal.

Everyone at the tent enjoying/playing.

Let's start BBQ'ing!!!!!! It's easier to be said than done.

BBQ'ing for a few hours then they started to eat while me and my friends still BBQ'ing. Non-stop BBQ'ing. Had a few chit-chat with my friends at the BBQ set. Some 'talk' you know? Everyone is going to the roughing sea playing water. Don't understand why they still enjoying playing with the sea water as the sea water is like Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee color. Maybe it's just me being pessimistic?

Had a little clean-up at the BBQ-set. Then it's OFF. It's been a fun day for me.

That's it. Sorry for my lousy and boring sentence. For more Interesting about it, visit Amabel's blog or Sieh Lung's blog

Year-End Holidays Start

Today marks the end of 2009 school's session. And hell yeah, the school holidays start. Guess I'm going to have one and a half month of rest. This coming Saturday need to go to YLC camp (Youth Leadership Committee) until next Tuesday. Short one but gonna be a tough one.

I'm actually going to Chung Hua camp after one day of YLC camp ends. But I just can't go because I'll be too tired. Plus, who can go to 2 camps continuously for 10 days?? I cannot 'tahan'.

My holiday plan :
  1. Sleep
  2. Eat
  3. Drink
  4. Play Computer
  5. Maybe go to Sibu (Boring)
  6. Hang out with my Bro to computer shop?? Maybe
  7. Watch TV
  8. Play with my newborn puppies
  9. And...............No idea
  10. Nearly forget. Caroling with church Youth group.
Urghh~~~that's one boring plan @.@ . I just want tomorrow to come as my class gonna have class BBQ party at the beach. Beach again. Gonna wake up early tomorrow.

That's it for now. Boring post.

St. Columba BSMM Community Service

Well, it's beach cleaning which I think already been a tradition to my school, SMK St. Columba to organize it annually. And I always participating. Arrive there at 2.30. After Mr Kong briefed us, we started to clean up the beach which we people always joke about it as "BITCH CLEANING" LOL

Arrived on the spot scene. Love to have sea breeze blowing my face. Feels good.

Let's starts to pick up some rubbish, shall we? LOL

Everyone is cleaning, including our teacher in-charge and also the committee members.

After cleaning up, we rest for a while and started to play games. There's three actually but I only manage to get one of the games photo. Introducing : The human touching avoidance course which we basically need to escaped from the evil touch of the committee members to get safe and not going out the shoes-lines.

After that game, we all rest and wait to back back home. Before going home, they briefed us and had a small closing ceremony. And then, the girls started to play bubbles and it's like someone is shooting MV.

While waiting to go home, I'm just too unlucky to be able to watch the sunset. I can rarely watch sunset you know.
Well, I just have to call it a day.
That's it

Red Crescent Appreciation Night 2009

Woah~Just got back from Grand Palace Hotel after having Red Crescent Appreciation Night 2009. Let the pictures talk about the event, shall we? I first wanna say sorry for the lousy quality of pictures.

Grand Palace Hotel

Our school Senior Assistance in Co-curriculum giving some short speechThen it's our R.C teacher in-charge, Mr Kong followed by our 2008/2009 President of R.C, Mr Loh giving speech. No pics due to too low quality pictures.

Opening ceremony - Cake cutting.

Then it's followed by the time we're all waiting for! EAT! While eating there's some activities going on.

Joanne and Ching Mei duet singing.

Followed by our F5 senior singing some Malay song.

And also action-guessing???? LOL

While the activities are going on, we at the same table all doing our own things, don't even bother to have a look at it.
Group photo taking sessions
Teachers with F5 R.C Committee members

Teachers with F4 R.C committee members. Clearer shot.
All the teachers, F4 and F5 committee members.....Oh, this looks just like a family photo.

Last but not least
Sieh Lung's ULTRAMAN Photo-avoidance pose!

Guess we're just TOO HIGH!!!!!

That's it, till then

More PAWA!!!!

Muahahahaha!!!!! Sorry for not blogging for ages again because my PC is sent to "hospital" and I don't dare to use my dad's laptop to blog as it's very laggy. Now my PC is back with MORE PAWA!!!!!

Now my PC is equip with PALIT 9600GT 512 DDR3 Green Edition.

And now my GeCube ATI X1050 can say bye-bye to me. Thumb's down.

And since it's thumb's down, I can basically T.I.A (Throw It Away). Which I wouldn't be stupid to do it......

Exam's are over too. So now I'm a fulltime hardcore gamer LOL....It's Bye-Bye books, HELLOOO Games!!!!

I guess That's it