Back to blogging?

It's been a while.

I don't really know why or what suddenly bring me back here late in this night but I just thought of maybe give blogging another chance, maybe just to express myself and my feelings sometimes, or share my experiences in my life.

It's almost been a full year that I didn't update anything on my blog. Last time I wanted to do a day-to-day update about my SPM(Malaysian Education Certificate) but I think I was very much clogged up with studies that time until I completely forgotten about updating and even after finishing SPM, I went on having a lot of fun with my friends and family throughout the year of 2013. Great year indeed.

But, I'm not going to update regarding all what I've done in 2013 though or else I won't be sleeping tonight, and it might just be your best cure for insomnia. Kidding!

Well then, what shall I write then? Well, life as a A-Level student has really gotten tough in this 2nd Semester and everything just never cease to pour in, to my brain. Too many things to learn, too little time. But I know I really have to try my best to cope with it because the fact that I'm the only child among my siblings to do private Pre-U education. No matter what. No money spent will be wasted.

Personally, I have been struggling a lot within myself lately but I thank God everyday for the strength He gave me. With Rosary everyday, I am able to get myself together and go along with my day. One thing that I've learnt : "Nothing will ever stays the same, you just have to accept it and move on and hope for the best from God, because if you don't, you'll be left behind for the world never stop revolving. No one is going to wait for you."

I never thought that would happen. But now I leave everything to God.

I think that's all for now eh? Not sure when is the next time I'll be updating this but I'm hoping for like, once a week?
But yeah, until then, see you and thank you :)

Yours truly,

*Oh ya, Happy Valentine's Day to all and God bless! :)