It's tired being a commander

Today, BSMM had an foot drill training in our school. It started at 8 o'clock in the morning and ended 5 o'clock in the afternoon...HOW LONG??? Ten HOURS...Well, first I knew it already it will be very tired but My group choose me became their commander because WHAT?! Because I've the experience being a commander. And I suck in commanding.

But I had to....AND I hate that......Just kept on commanding until 4:30 in the evening.....My throat hurts like "tut" Not the only problem. I have to shout!!!!instead of just commanding....SHOUT AS LOUD AS YOU CAN UNTIL THOSE AJK SATISFIED.........You can imagine that when "SHOUT" the whole school could hear it. Not just shout but shout with the high and low sound.

And training my member not so easy as ABC!!! Some of them don't know how to marching and some only know the basic. Less of them or can say no of them know the advance marching(not only my members but also can say those who come for the foot drill) I don't understand why they will sacrified to come for this foot drill but don't want to go for the Annual Parade...I know one reason that most of the people don't want to go for Annual Parade because they say " I scare my skin will be dark like charcoal"..

Thank God I didn't go to the LEO beach cleaning this morning because it's raining this morning...My prediction is quite correct too...I said that it will be raining on that day and it RAINED.....Phew....I didn't lose my 3 Ringgit......BSMM beach cleaning is more better because that day it rained after we cleaning up those rubbish...At least we did the cleaning.....

And finally Byebye Adieu(means byebye)

Mooncake Festival.......No longer "meriah"(hot) already

Last Sunday was our Chinese Mooncake Festival.....Thought it will be fun with some children taking their lanterns out to play. But this year, the Mooncake Festival in my housing area is so, so, so "cold"......Not like last time, many children will come out and play with their lanterns.....My housing area street seemed so dark not even a light(except the road light, house light etc).....Nobody came out to play....

But I spotted some very funny thing. Just outside my housing area, there was a house fun of lanterns. On the trees, at the pillars of the house and even they use a string and hung all the lanterns there....I think that's the only lanterns I've seen this year

Happy Moooooncake Festival

Sorry....I've nothing to write about.....

Sorry...I've nothing to write about. Just wanna tell you that I got the sixth position in my class and I felt happy about it....Hehe