It's Friday.........

Today nothing happened much, nothing happened much. Arghh....nothing to say about. LEO meeting, met with some Form 4 friends and then went to EM Tuition Center. Then go back and started to play computer games. Boring huh??

I've nothing to say. But I want to introduce you all to listen to this song

Just a song from Discovery Channel. Love Our World...


Alright.......I'm very busy right now doing Geo and Geo projects. I don't know why the teacher one time gives us so many projects to do. And I can't even hear what she's explaining in the class. And the worst thing ever, I don't know why my PC suddenly cannot print the document. But luckily, my father's laptop can. Before that, I ask Woan Ling to help me to print it out but she said that see can't understand the words. I think it might be Woan Ling's PC don't have Open Office so she couldn't see those words.

It's making me more angrier when I need to transfer those heavy files to my sister's pen drive then to my my father's laptop. My father's PC also same as Woan Ling. Doesn't support Open Office. So I need to again transfer the Open Office whole thing to my father's laptop so that it can read the words.

Yet I haven't finish my Geo ANOTHER HEAVIER project. It's almost done but I'm lack of information. Luckily tomorrow don't have any tropical tests. If have, I surely failed this time. Hehehe.......

Alright.....I gtg.....short post, everyone PLEASE stop begging me for update this blog often. I'm a busy man.
Updated July, 24, 2008. 9:21PM

I'll try to live independence....

Feel wanna cry today...Because my brother today set off for Perlis to go to further his study. I'm think I maybe too depend to my brother already..I think it's time I shall live independently. I just feel sad today.

Just come back from airport to send my brother to the plane. After that, I need to sleep alone in one bedroom.....I will feel strange because nobody sleep beside me....

Nothing to write already...

Not a very good day...

Haiz......Today also the same...Geo teacher teach like lightning and I boost up my Maths until the Perimeter and Area. At the KH period, we planted some flowers and my gropu like nothing to do, planted two flowers. Nice looking all those flowers.

Well seems to be fine, right?? NOT until the last period. Always the bad/good things happened at the last. At last period, I think it's good for the boys and bad for the girls. Our class monitor fell down and knocked the table...They said that she knocked her eye. All the boys who watched that happening, all laugh at her......Then her Indonesian volcano suddenly erupted and scored the naughty boys especially Jonathan and others.....Me in first row don't know what happened. We just heard a loud "thud" and then all the boys laugh.

And one more thing...This happened at the last moment from what I saw. Just want to say :"Amabel, don't angry at me ya"...I don't now what happened but I saw Darren kept on pujuk Amabel. And Amabel's face doesn't see very good. I don't know why but I think Darren said something that hurt Amabel's feeling. For the second time.
Haiz very bad luck for Darren because he caused this two problems.

That's all,
Amabel.......sorry ya if I said something wrong...And I'm not laughing at Grace also..

What a happy and funny week

So long don't update my blog already...Hehe.....This week is very good for me especially my school SMK St. Columba won the Annual Parade Marching....Win three trophies....It's all the hardwork we made and the secret weapon given by our BSMM teacher, Mr Kong. I can't tell you because it's our school top secret stuff...hehe. An Matteus, our commander is also very happy with that. So sad for Chung Hua..They trained since the mid year holiday buit still only get third. At the result announcement, we are very very very excited. Third, SMK Chung Hua. Second, SMK St........Joseph. AND the WINNER IS SMK St. Columba.......Woooooooaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! When announcer said the second place we thought it was us...But it's St Joseph..

Today nothing happenned until the last period....Kekeke.....The Sivik teacher said she wants to choose Monitor and the Assistant....Haha...Everybody kacau Amabel and Darren Kok..Because they are couple in our class.....So all the class want to "gek" them.. Some people also "gek" Kee Shin...So funny then result....Amabel as Monitor and Darren as the Assistant....

At last all they class sang " Wedding song" for both of them. Some secret here.....Darren seems not so happy with that..

Alright that's all....
Bye bye.....And Woan Ling please stop "bai bai" me..

Last Month

I've been long time didn't write blog already..Hehe sorry my friends. Alright...I don't understand why I/We as Form 1 students need to do so any projects..I thought only Geo and Sejarah projects but as well as Sivik and PJK...It's driving me mad ok?......I think we should not do so many projects especially as a Form 1 student.

So many things happened in last month......Always go for marching...until my skin all charcoal already.....That's for Annual Parade Marching de la.....I just don't get it why Form 1 students not active it Unit Beruniform.....In the marching, only me, Jia Zheng and Gabriel go only..Others only go for the meeting...Girls never ind larr because they're scared of heat...But boys...Oh My God...They don't even care....Come on boys, Don't be fair ok? Be a little bit darker...Afterwards, we boys will be said as girl because we are too fair.But I'm not saying only the boys. Girls also can go for the marching de marr....Scare to be dark..use de "防晒油" larr....At least go for some programme organized by MRC like the telematch..only only join the schol one but also need to join the inter school one...

One more thing...go for camp also..Anyway my class is now hot complaining about the projects..But I want to say one thing but better don't say because it will make somebody angry. Not good to make somebody angry especailly girls.... :)

Overall not a bad month in June.....Hope better month in July.... GAMBATEH!!! :)