First day of Chinese New Year already kicked started

Well last night, or should I say this morning was fantastic at Sibu. Firecrackers everywhere. Fireworks lit the sky up like never before. But one thing I don't like is those firecrackers that are too loud. Damn my ears hurt!!!!LOL

Well I only took a few pictures during this morning about those firecrackers and fireworks show. Mostly fireworks la. But not much as my vision is only limited at my grandparents' house outside only.

Below is the video I took. Sorry for the poor quality hehe. Clearly I have no talent in video-taking lolz. Clearly this year not many people are throwing their cash at firecrackers and fireworks due to economic crisis I guess.

Oh man, I tell you ar. There's an uncle next next door to my grandparents' house. I found its really funny when he was about to light up the fireworks. Everytime he wanted to light the fuse, he will surely had a cigarette first. LOL. Then until the cigarette is about to finish, he used it to light the fuse. In that short 30 minutes, he smoked 6 cigarettes, meaning he lit four boxes of fireworks and two ropes of firecrackers (3000 heads I guess, each gone in 3 minutes at MOST)

Last firework I seen that night is in the next video. I bet that firework cost hundreds of ringgit.

Well as for me, still staying at home. Parents are SLEEPING. Frustrated. Should be out there visiting but instead stuck at home doing nothing. Always like that haiz. Weather very hot now. Staying indoor makes me even hotter. Just hope that I can go visiting relatives' houses.

I guess that's it for now
Damn that video-uploading is killing me.

Happy Chinese New Year.

It's the Tiger Year in the Chinese Lunar Calender. RAWRRR!!!!!! First of all, I'm so so so sorry for not blogging for a long time already.

As for tonight my plan is to celebrate the Pre Chinese New Year celebration. Mum's been busy at the kitchen already preparing the delicious meal for tonight's gathering. As for me, just blogging and Facebooking here. Might help her later on.

Let's talk about my journey to Sibu yesterday shall we? As you know, I always said the journey sucks. This time it's even sucker. LOL. I sat at the back of my dad's Land Cruiser. Cramped with all the luggage and I sat in only a 30cm x 20cm seat with about only a 15cm in front of me to put my legs on. My legs cramped about 10 times during the excruciating journey of 400+km of bumpy and full of holes' journey.

Arrived at Sibu about 2030hrs. Straight away went for a dinner, a supper I would say. Had a bowl of Tomyam noodles and a glass of Iced Teh-C. The straight away went to my grandparents' house.

And the next strange thing happened to me. After taking a chilling bath, I saw my brother took out a novel from his laptop beg, titled "Deception Point". I straight away grabbed it and started reading. What astonished me is that I kept on reading until it's 4 in the morning of today. The book is just too interesting. Still reading it though. For no reason, I seem can't to get its climax point. There's climax point everywhere for me. LOL.

So far so good for me in Sibu. Can't wait for tomorrow. Hehe
Wishing you all have a very Happy Chinese New Year.
Byebye : )