Ups and Downs, Face them with all I've got left.

Alright Alright, I'm just updating my lonely, simple blog just for the sake that knowing there's still SOMEONE reading it :D Thank you so much for such supporting lol. Sorry, ignore that :P

Last update was at June, so pretty much this is gonna be a July Month update, I suppose. Life's still the same as always just that the beginning of July is just as busy as looks like IT WILL NEVER STOP!!! School's concert just passed successfully 2 weeks ago. I'll keep that concert forever as memories because I've never had so much fun doing backdrop for that concert. There's just one feeling that it's not the same when doing backdrop back at school's hall. The thrill setting up the scaffolding with only me, Wilson and Sieh Lung, sleeping at backstage for two nights of the concert doing nothing although I'm under First Aid, and most of all, can only back to home around 12 midnight just to take off those backdrop's stuffs with seniors. :D Pictures available at FACEBOOK.

During the week before the concert, me, Wilson and Amabel joined a camp organised by the Educational Department about the Prefects thing. It's quite a wonderful experience to have and able to communicate with other prefects from different schools. Learnt a lot of stuffs there. Important ones. On how to improve and work together as 1 Board.

Hari Pelanggan is coming soon either and YET I still don't even know what's my result :O I guess it's gonna be a bad one because a lot of my friends have improved but I'll work hard on that. :) Really must catch up with everything I've missed during the last semester and back to studies. Just have to stay strong and stay focus all the time as prefects stuffs are still pouring in like heck. I can't even cope with those. :O

Lately my emotion is not that stable. Emo here and there. Sien. Should stop it right here right now. :) Maybe it's just me over-reacting too much eh? Hahaha whatever :P It's just me, wanting to enjoy life to the fullest.

I guess that's pretty much for me right now :) See ya soon.