Day 1 of SPM

Really nerve-wrecking for waiting for the whistle to blow off. Everyone's encouraging everyone before entering the classes. Everyone's Hooah-ing for when the first whistle blew off.

As for me myself, I'm just glad that God has always been there to guide and protect me. Whenever I seek, He is just there for me. :) Blessed with all the wishes and prayers from my family, relatives and friends, I am able to get through today. Bahasa Malaysia. And with God's grace, the papers are quite OK, for me :D But I'm unable to tell you how easy it is until I know my results later~! XD 

That's all for today. 1 day down, 8 more days to go :)

Red Crescent Unit Appreciation Dinner

This post is dedicated to all my beloved Juniors, for successfully carried out the meaningful event. And to all my Form 5 friends, thank you all for your hardwork throughout the entire year. Without you guys, I'm truly nothing at all. Thanks for all the support that you guys have given me. Apologies if I've done anything wrong to you guys, in words or in action. I hereby, want to Congratulate my juniors as well. Continue to strive hard for Red Crescent Unit.

Mr Kong Talking :D

Miss Tiong Talking :D

Guessing Game! :)


Form 3s Singing :)

People just don't get tired with Gangnam style :O

Jonathan and Jeremy duet performance

When violin and classical Guitar meets :)

With Sieh Lung

Kong Lek and Sieh Lung

Sieh Lung and Jia Zheng



With Jenifer :)

Faris and Jane

With Faris and Jane :)

Soo Ting and Faris

Faris and Ying Zhen

Kelvin and Faris

With Jonathan :)

The violist :)

With Franke :)

Ying Zhen and Wilson

With Jacky :)

With Tze En :)

With Onn :)

Daniel and Jia Zheng

With Daniel :)

With Phiong :)

With Jeremy :)

With Jia Zheng :)

With Jonathan Tan :)

With Jane :)

Faris and Jonathan
Juniors, thanks for all the effort you guys put into for this event. Despite all the odds, you guys did a great job. :) Thank you :)

It's not the end ; It's a new beginning

What a great weekend I have! The combination of my high school Graduation Ceremony as well as my Red Crescent Unit Appreciation Dinner in through this weekend! Have great times together with my friends :)

First Off, I'll start with my Graduation Ceremony :') Can't believe that time really flies. 5 years of schooling in St Columba's School came and went pass just like that. A lot of wonderful memories and met a lot of new friends since Form 1 until now. Thank you guys for everything :)
Prefect's Superstars!

With May Pink

With Woan Ling, Soo Ting and Jane (Back from left)
Jia Zheng, Benjamin and Raymond

Near to far : Woan Ling, Soo Ting, Jane and Amabel

Jane, Soo Ting, Me, Woan Ling and Amabel

Jane, Jeremy, Woan Ling, Amabel and Soo Ting

Me, Jia Zheng and Sieh Lung

Kong Lek, Kelvin, Soo Ting. Jane, Woan Ling and Amabel

With Kelvin

Group Photo! 

With Franke

With Claudia (Picture Left) and Hui Hui(Right)
With Perpetua, Grace and Fidora (Near to far)
 The Graduation Ceremony this year is pretty good. Although on the outside, tears didn't run down my cheek but deep down inside, feelings did soar and tears rolled. Once a Columban, Always a Columban! :) Thank you so much, St Columba's School! :)

As well as before this week, the Prefect's Seniors' Night was also successfully carried out by the Juniors. Had another wonderful time together with my awesome friends and Juniors. Never a second time for it. 

The Guys :)

The Attendance Board :)

With 2 of my Juniors! Glad to see them grow and getting better. Teng(Left) Chia(Right)


With a bunch of AWESOME PEOPLE! :D

All thanks to Jenifer for most of the gifts, my adik angkat :) Thanks Jen! :)
Every good time will come to an end eventually. What matters by then is the memories left behind. :) Thank you so much to the Juniors' Board of Prefects 2012.