Miri 5th City Run

It's been 5 years since my hometown, Miri became into a city. Time really flies fast. Without noticing, it's been freaking five years now.

Well, I just joined Miri 5th City run organized by Miri City Council. Wonder why I would go for this event? First, I'm new to this and I need an exercise lol. Getting fatter day by day ok? Second? I just joined for no reason.Gathered at MCC field at 1515hrs and already saw few of my friends already there. And we all need to take attendance but what the heck?

The teacher, Mdm Tan came at 1530 something like that and that's the time we need to take attendance. On time? No. Made us so nervous there.Gabriel and Allen were the uninvited guests of the event. They didn't even wrote down their name for signing up. And funniest thing was that they took the T-shirt sponsored by MCC from the late comers which in the end made some of the late comers no T-shirt to wear on. Can;t blame them also because they're late.

Everyone's ready. Just waiting for the VIP

Then Miri Mayor, Mr Lawrence Lai, finally came and gave a few speeches. Then the time has come. He officially started the run and we all ran.

Started off with a walk then slowly ran like some wild dogs. After that, I was shocked by the route.

Err......City Run becoming a jungle trekking?

Finally, seeing all of us jamming the area, they decided to change the route by just running on the streets. Pity those who already near to the top of the hill. And they did complete the original route. Bravo.
Had a rest in front of SK North School. Had a stick of Wall's Root beer ice-cream and wow a cup of Calsberg. Haha first taste on the real beer. Not bad thou gh. Wanted to have second cup but too bad cannot already due to I am under-aged? LOL

Next stop is Bintang Megamall. That's just about 50 meter from SK North School. WTH?
Gathered at the front door.
For all this just to wait for an eco-bag? LOL

The thing just got worse.

The Red Army of Thailand invading Miri? To my surprise, the next thing we did after taking the eco-bag is? Ramming into the Megamall and go for Sushi King. Had a piece of free sushi there. Nice and thank you.

Out of the road again. Just ran straight until the MCC field again. Had a can of Soy bean drink and Cin chau + Clasberg. OMG, I'm addicted to Calsberg.

Took a group photo and off to home.

And now, my backs, my legs all hurts. Lack of exercise lo. What to do? Haiz....

That's it for now
Sometimes I just need a rest from the society.