Journey to an Unknown.

Just recently had a trip to Simangang with my parents. Wahaha figure out where it is yourself. Actually, although it’s just a simple trip, but I just felt want to stay there forever. For real. It’s was too good to be there.

So I’ll just let the lousy quality pictures do the talkings. DSCN0001

First off with some lame mountain pictures. I guess the next few pictures will be all mountains too because I’m on top on a mountain looking down all the mountains….lol


Still, not very unique. Let’s have a better zoom, shall we?


Hang on there. I have a very surprising fact for you :D


There you go. This “somewhere unknown” is actually very near to Indo, just a 20++ minutes drive away.

Honestly to tell you that the environment I stood at the picture above is 98% similar to Cameron Highlands. Cool late afternoon breeze. Can’t imagine how cold is it early in the morning. Too bad doesn’t have the chance to stay overnight.


Playing clear water anyone? Although it’s not that clear, probably due to heavy rainfall lately. BUT, it’s very clean if compare to those Teh-C rivers around Sarawak.

Had to spent overnight at the “somewhere unknown” town. After dinner, I found something very special which Miri rarely have.



Tadaa…….5 wires of like 50 meters in length full of birds. They’re sleeping there just like that you know? Last time I saw this kind of view is at Mertakab, Pahang *if spelt correctly* Hhahahah

So I guess that’s all my lame story of the months.

See ya again, I don’t know when. :D

Blog is dying down......

Recently had nothing to blog about. Not just recently, but months. Damn..

I won't talk about those nuisance happening around me recently as now I need to go to sleep soon. No time to blee-bla so many stuffs.

Next week is PMR Pra Exam already. Kinda stressed up. Everyone is stressing up. Especially my class hardcore students. Funny thing is that after this exam and a two weeks Hari Raya break, we had to take Pra PMR 2. wth??? Then after one week, it's the real deal already. WTF?!

Ahh, sorry for those unstable emotions lol. Been helping Sieh Lung to search around the Net for a budget DSLR. It make me want to own one too. Maybe a bridge camera better. DSLR not my thing. LOL.

Everything changed very fast nowadays. Today this, maybe it's tomorrow's that. Been bashing Restaurant City in Facebook, and still bashing very hard. lol. Influenced by the "Restaurant City Revolution" in our class. LMAO.

Gah, forget what I said up there for not wanting to talk about nuisance. Anyway, before I leave, Good luck to all PMR students y'all All the best to you and to me.

That's all

Sibu trip

I know I've been to Sibu this year for many times already but this time, it's not the same. NOT AT ALL. First thing, I took a bus back to Sibu this time because my dad already there last Thursday. Second, it's already a long long time since I had my bus ride back to Sibu. I guess it's 9 years ago? lol.

The bus ride that Friday night was extremely good with Celcom Facebook on my hands but also EXTREMELY Cold. *Tips for myself: Always bring jackets(the more the better) when taking a long journey bus* Luckily the bus still got Karate Kid to watch. But watching the movie when the bus is moving made me felt sick. Want to throw out.

Time passed really fast. Arrived at Sibu bus station at 3.30am something. My dad arrived to pick us up soon enough then had breakfast at a nearby 24 hour cafe. After that went to Sibu Central Market for buying some groceries and supplies. Went back home. Of course my grandparents' home.

I had sleep for several hours. My mum and sis went to Rejang Hospital to take care of my grandpa. I went there at noon. Sad to see my grandpa lying on the bed. But he's happy to see me though. Felt touched at the moment.

We took turns to take care of my Grandpa. Sometimes I just prayed for him. Soon enough the time to leave comes. When to hospital again for one last visit to my Grandpa because well......

Then the boring 6-7 hours of journey back home.

That's all for now...

The E.N.D

It's not the B.E.P album, The E.N.D. It's just the FIFA World Cup is coming to an end with Spain vs Netherlands tomorrow morning, or should I say "tonight".

People's been buzzing around in Facebook walls saying tonight's game. I don't wanna watch it, not because I don't like football, it's because I don't want to being sleepy in the class tomorrow okay? Who will win? Well, there's many verdicts about that but now it seems all depends on a little bird and an octopus?! Paul, the octopus says Spain will win. While the bird from Singapore, I don't know what she says. lol.......

Everything around me been fine lately. Hari Pelanggan went through smoothly last Saturday, had fun countdowning with Mabel and Wling last Friday night, and school's life ain't good but at least ok. My mum been pressuring me to study harder to improve on my PMR subjects. It's not that I don't study but even IF I study, just in matter of hours, it's gone. Totally. Nothing. My brain only works best when the exam is around the corner.

I'm now all alone by myself now. Elder bro went back to Perlis already. Sister in Labuan. Left my parents with me. How excruciating.

That's it for now. I don't know when I'll be blogging again.

Believe it or not?

Believe it or not? I ACTUALLY WENT BACK TO FRIENDSTER. for a while.

New look. Same thing.

Login area.

Home Page after login. Seems familiar?

Hold on..........

That's why la........Same like Facebook ma.

Actually after logging in and saw what I see, Friendster still pretty much lose to currently dominating Facebook. Nah, my profile there just only had one friend since last time after having an account of Facebook, I deleted my Friendster account. Only one friend. LOL.

Not really sure what brings me back to the site. Too boring maybe? Cannot game but don't know why I still switching on my computer. Just left it on. So maybe that's what bring me back to Friendster.

That's all for now.
School gonna reopen soon. Bad thing.
Byebye for the time being.

Holidays' all the same....

One more week then the school will reopen. Damn my schedule during the holiday is always the same. Sleep, eat, Game. Just like that.

I can say that almost everyday, 15 hours of my time is just sitting in front of the computer and game, game, game. No study, no outings, nothing. Can anyone suggest me what to do during my last week of this holiday?

Only "travel" I had during this holidays is going to Sibu to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday. 90TH!!!!!!! Had a lot of fun there(at least) there with my cousins. See my faecbook photos la..Lazy wanna describe all those craps here. Hehe. Sibu, haih still the same as always. Dirty longkangs, lousy road to reach there, and nothing else except for lot's and lot's of pirated DVD's and CD's at all its malls.

Well, sad thing is that my bitch died. (Is that too rough?) lol. Now only left my old male dog now. Pity it as it's all alone now. Not sure what causes the death but my parents suspect it's just that it's too old to give birth already. Difficulties in delivering. Gahh......

Alright for now lo. Craps all.
Gotta go. Got wedding dinner to attend

Miri 5th City Run

It's been 5 years since my hometown, Miri became into a city. Time really flies fast. Without noticing, it's been freaking five years now.

Well, I just joined Miri 5th City run organized by Miri City Council. Wonder why I would go for this event? First, I'm new to this and I need an exercise lol. Getting fatter day by day ok? Second? I just joined for no reason.Gathered at MCC field at 1515hrs and already saw few of my friends already there. And we all need to take attendance but what the heck?

The teacher, Mdm Tan came at 1530 something like that and that's the time we need to take attendance. On time? No. Made us so nervous there.Gabriel and Allen were the uninvited guests of the event. They didn't even wrote down their name for signing up. And funniest thing was that they took the T-shirt sponsored by MCC from the late comers which in the end made some of the late comers no T-shirt to wear on. Can;t blame them also because they're late.

Everyone's ready. Just waiting for the VIP

Then Miri Mayor, Mr Lawrence Lai, finally came and gave a few speeches. Then the time has come. He officially started the run and we all ran.

Started off with a walk then slowly ran like some wild dogs. After that, I was shocked by the route.

Err......City Run becoming a jungle trekking?

Finally, seeing all of us jamming the area, they decided to change the route by just running on the streets. Pity those who already near to the top of the hill. And they did complete the original route. Bravo.
Had a rest in front of SK North School. Had a stick of Wall's Root beer ice-cream and wow a cup of Calsberg. Haha first taste on the real beer. Not bad thou gh. Wanted to have second cup but too bad cannot already due to I am under-aged? LOL

Next stop is Bintang Megamall. That's just about 50 meter from SK North School. WTH?
Gathered at the front door.
For all this just to wait for an eco-bag? LOL

The thing just got worse.

The Red Army of Thailand invading Miri? To my surprise, the next thing we did after taking the eco-bag is? Ramming into the Megamall and go for Sushi King. Had a piece of free sushi there. Nice and thank you.

Out of the road again. Just ran straight until the MCC field again. Had a can of Soy bean drink and Cin chau + Clasberg. OMG, I'm addicted to Calsberg.

Took a group photo and off to home.

And now, my backs, my legs all hurts. Lack of exercise lo. What to do? Haiz....

That's it for now
Sometimes I just need a rest from the society.

It's a pass.

Yesterday was my birthday. Not bluffing anything about me here but it's a pass already. So that's the fact. I'm 15 now. Got lot's of wishes from all my dear friends. Thank you : ).

Shocked that when I logged into my Facebook account just now. Wow 77 Notifications. All are Birthday wishes. And some with digital present. XD Thanks again guys. Thank you very much. So life gotta move on anyway. School's been fine this week. Just ordinary same schedule. Life's boring if it keeps on like this.

Just that TODAY, though it's a SATURDAY, we had our school replacement for Hari Raya. I was like WTF? If want longer holiday just ask the Minister of Education longer the time la. What for we keep doing school replacement? Jeez. And that's not all about it. Today, all the teachers are not teaching especially those PMR subjects.

Sick of hearing Geo and Moral lesson. Not that I hate the subjects but because of something else. Well, you know. Mathematics teacher are like freak, gave us so many homeworks but I still managed to finish it before school's out. With some question undone because I CAN'T DO IT.

Right now, for no reason, I started to like SLR camera. Not Digital but purely SLR. FILM you know? I just don't know why. Maybe I'm just fascinated by its OLD-SCHOOL look. But it's also quite cheap compare to DSLR. But one factor that I missed is its film price. It's a "one-shot-one-kill" basics. Once I click the shutter, no return lol. Nevertheless the printing price also. A scanner which can scan negatives cost about RM500. Well, maybe I'm just 3 minute hot only.

That's it for now.
Maybe I just need to slow down my steps and take a break and try to enjoy my Life. Because it's only a "one way ticket"

Random updates.

Just that Good Friday and Easter just passed. School's been fine recently. Good news is that I got the 15th position for my exam this mid-semester. Not a bad one as I can still managed to survive at top 15. Congrats to all my friends above me especially Raymond. If without chinese, he would get 3rd. What a waste.

Anyway, I've been writing my own quotes on Facebook. All about love. Lol. Strangely, I'm not in love. Got pretty many Like from my friends. My first one is kinda one of my best favorite.

"Do not expect too much from your partner as this always causes break-up in the end"

Which is pretty much true.

Nowadays, surfing around the Internet had been a very boring routine. Always the same. Nothing changed much. Gaming? Huge lagness. Don't even know why. Damn. Got some pretty new songs from watching Channel [V] and MTV. Rock that body - B.E.P and many more. Enjoying musics to the max. No wonder people said "Musics are the universal language"

Anyway, that's it for now.

St Joseph RC Camp Part 2

This is basically Part 2. This post is more on Wednesday Spiral Zone. Woot.

SP1 Holy s………


Mama!!!!! Tolong!!!!!



I got some bad feeling here…….




Err……WTH is Ke Jing DOING…..




Mud bath anyone?? Good for our skin.


Come one lah…..Don’t scream. Gimme a pose.


That’s more like it ma……


Garbage zone


Jackie and Jia Zheng very “high” o…..


Adeline :" Muthafuc? My worst nightmare.” lol


There should be more pictures on this Spiral Zone because IT’S THE MOST DIRTIEST GAME in this camp of course.

To be continued again…….

St Joseph RC Camp Part 1

Just joined St Joseph RC Training camp last week for 5 days and 4 nights. Quite a long one so it’s really really tiring.

Alright now, I’ll just less talk and more on pictures. These pictures are from the camp committee, Arthur Yong. Thank you :)

Backdrop and this camp's theme

So this is just basically the backdrop and the theme for this year camp. “Action Speak Louder than Words”

Camp commandant This is our camp commandant, Miss Jessie.

After we all settled down with all those craps and rules and regulations, we all started off with designing our own groups scoreboard. And presenting it in front for judges.

Scoreboard presentation After bli-bla’ing from all the 8 groups, we all headed off for lunch. After lunch, we create group flag again. So many things to create at the start of the camp….Jeez.

Group flag making Hahha, this is my group and we’re creating our simple flag. Simplicity is the best. Spot me.

And so same thing goes with the presentation of group flag. Takes the whole afternoon. Then at night, we had Ice breaking session. Kinda forgot already. I guess it was the dancing part. Dancing Pink Panther and Sorry, Sorry.

Participants dancing Sorry Sorry All tried their best to dance it out especially the Sorry, Sorry as it’s the hardest and yet the fastest dance. Dang….

Had night call in the middle of midnight and we started playing Night Game (Detective game). Had fun searching and identifying the murderer.

Next day, had flag-rising first then we’re off for marching. Marching Hahaha, Jia Zheng’s group. Jackie and Nak Cari Gaduh(it’s her nickname. Don’t know her name)

Then after breakfast, we had some Immobilizing, Transporting and Bandaging session. Train us to learn those techniques. Bandaging

Immobolizing Transporting

After these, lunch time again. After some rest, we all started off for Water Games. I should say FINALLY because it really cleared up my boredness during the camp.

Game 10 Game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Game 6 Game 7 Game 8 Game 9I think that’s all for now. It’s just part 1 anyway. Hehe. Photographer haven’t finish uploading the pictures onto Facebook. Sorry ar pictures very small because I use Windows Live Writer

To be continue……..

My new "Weapon" in blogging.

And that's my new bought Nikon COOLPIX L21 Camera. Bought yesterday night after persuading my father to buy a new one after the old 80% broken Nikon camera. lol.

The camera. Stylish looking. Cost only at RM328. lol No money buy high-end cam.

At the camera shop yesterday, I was about to choose Canon Powershot A450 model(if i'm not wrong) but luckily I chose this because of it stylish looking and nice lens. Although it only at 8MP but megapixel isn't everything in camera. It's their function.

There's many function in this RM328 camera. Marco, Color option, Motion Detection and many more. Below are some few pictures I took just now.

Marco picture. Amazing stuff

Random standard shooting with BSS enabled. It's like you just press held the shutter button and stop until you like and it will choose the best quality picture. Awesome.

B&W picture of my couple dogs. lol. Good to have them staying together without moving for me to take the shot. It's tilted though.

And there's BSS(Best Shot Selector), Multi shoot 16, something called Exposure Compensation and Panorama Maker!!!!!!. Awesome functions in cheap camera. Recommended.

And most of all, it's just released this year. WTH?

Anyway, that's it for now
(No Signing)