Journey to an Unknown.

Just recently had a trip to Simangang with my parents. Wahaha figure out where it is yourself. Actually, although it’s just a simple trip, but I just felt want to stay there forever. For real. It’s was too good to be there.

So I’ll just let the lousy quality pictures do the talkings. DSCN0001

First off with some lame mountain pictures. I guess the next few pictures will be all mountains too because I’m on top on a mountain looking down all the mountains….lol


Still, not very unique. Let’s have a better zoom, shall we?


Hang on there. I have a very surprising fact for you :D


There you go. This “somewhere unknown” is actually very near to Indo, just a 20++ minutes drive away.

Honestly to tell you that the environment I stood at the picture above is 98% similar to Cameron Highlands. Cool late afternoon breeze. Can’t imagine how cold is it early in the morning. Too bad doesn’t have the chance to stay overnight.


Playing clear water anyone? Although it’s not that clear, probably due to heavy rainfall lately. BUT, it’s very clean if compare to those Teh-C rivers around Sarawak.

Had to spent overnight at the “somewhere unknown” town. After dinner, I found something very special which Miri rarely have.



Tadaa…….5 wires of like 50 meters in length full of birds. They’re sleeping there just like that you know? Last time I saw this kind of view is at Mertakab, Pahang *if spelt correctly* Hhahahah

So I guess that’s all my lame story of the months.

See ya again, I don’t know when. :D