Men's Greatest Fear

Jeez.......I just paid a visit to Miri PolyClinic Dental clinic to pluck out my tooth(rear upper right big tooth) It's still aching a little bit now.

Got there at 7:30am then wait for like 2 hours? I don't mind about the time. I just want to my tooth to be plucked. Then at 9am, I'm attended by a male dentist. He's very very kind and his face looks exactly like a Hong Kong superstar. LOL.....Maybe a little bit different.

Had my injection of morphine(or some sort of drug that make my mouth numbed). Wait for 10 minutes. Then went inside again. My fear comes. Close my eyes during the entire "operation" When he got one tooth out, I was like THANK GOD! But he took his "spanner" and continue again....LOL......When he's continuing, I really want to sing this song to him.

You spin my tooth right round, right round But it won't down, It go won't down down You spin my tooth right round, right round But it won't down, It won't go down down

Well this is because he's spinning the "spanner" to take my tooth out. Others were like go in, few minutes then come out. Mine is like 10-15 minutes inside. Jeez, my tooth is really stubborn. He's kept spinning and spinning and spinning. Blood coming out and I closed my eyes.

Then it's finally done. Forgot to ask him whether it's a permanent tooth or milk tooth. If it's permanent, then I'm becoming an old man already as it won't grow back.

Now my injured part still have a little pain and my lips are still numb. Wonder what drug he's giving me? I can feel a hole very deep there. OMG......

The most eww-ish thing I've ever seen. Cotton wool with lots and lots of blood.

The part now is still bleeding. Don't know why. Hope it will be getting better. Wish me luck.

That's it

Youth Rally "Set Free" by Father Stan Fortuna (Pictures)

Well, here's some pictures from the rally. Thanks for the participants willing to share their taken photo at Facebook.

Day 1 : Mass at the start of the rally.

Praise & Worship

Father Stan doing some prayer with his create-on-the-spot song before he started with his talk.

Here's Father Stan again : )

I think that's it. More and more pictures will be uploaded in this psot when Christteens (Organizer) uploaded their high-quality DSLR pictures.


Youth Rally "Set Free" by Father Stan Fortuna Part 2 and 3

Really had a great time spending times with Father Stan's Youth Rally. Sorry for late updating it for a day.


I really liked the Q & A session(Questions N' Answers). Need to be open-minded for this session because there's some s*x questions proposed by some of the participants. Really good and some questions are really challenging Father Stan but he could answer them all. Father Stan used a talk session for this Q&A session. Really had fun.

Then at night, I went for the healing session. It may sounded creepy when suddenly someone cried out loud for no reason or just saying something not understanding but it's healing session. This means they're being set free. For me, I had nothing happen to me. But something did happened to me after the healing session. I CAN'T STAND UP! Due to kneeling down for AN HOUR with me hands bended(praying). It's really ached much. Managed to stand up at last then praise and worshiping. It's not Praise & Worship at all. It's like MTV World Stage Concert with all the guys and gals jumping like crazy.


It's the last day of the rally. Had only one talk with a closing mass. That's it. Then it's photo session with Father Stan. Father Stan is really awesome. He likes "mangosten"(as in Mangosteen) , "darian"(as in Durian) and also coconut-milk-with-rice-noodles and Father Stan's favorite CILI PADI! It's called Laksa.

Then at night it's CONCERT TIME (which I didn't go) But I'm sure it's ROCKED UP!

BTW, I saw a Ferrari car when I'm going back home in the afternoon. Can you BELIEVE IT? It's Ferrari in Miri with local car plat. It's rare. At first when I heard the exhaust's sound at the back, I thought "Oh well, it's just another modded car with big exhaust at the back" But then when I turned to my right to see it. Holy cow! It has a Black Horse Logo at it. IT'S FERRARI!!!!! I wanted to take picture of it using my phone, but my brother switched off the phone. By the time the phone is switched on, the Ferrari is long gone. LOL......

That's it

Youth Rally "Set Free" by Father Stan Fortuna Part 1

One word to start off....WOAH~ Father Stan Fortuna is just great. This is his second time he come to Miri though. Last year and this year and it's very sad that the organizing committee said it's their last time to invite Father Stan Fortuna to Miri.

Anyway, this time the theme for this Youth Rally is "Set Free" which by words you can directly guess the content of this rally. Yes, it's all about "washing over" yourself. This morning, arrived at Imperial Mall Grand Ball Room at 0630hrs, saw many many friends either from school or in tuition. Scene when I arrived at the spot with my brother.

Inside the ballroom. I choose the worst place ever to seat.

Because of this blocking my view.

Then we had a mass. After the mass, it's tea-break. My brother strategy is to eat a LOT during Tea Break and then at noon no more lunch. I know it sounds STINGY but we did it. First Talk is "I am Unique, Special and Lovable". I know you guys might be thinking that all the talks are extremely boring. But Father Stan knows what youths are thinking. So he's a very good speaker. Always makes fun using lot's of his own experience and funny voices. Basically only at his talks, I wouldn't feel sleepy so far.

Then it's lunch time which is no-free-meal. Me and my brother spent the time going to Computer hardware shop looking for an ADSL splitter(as my home one is already broken and it's annoying) and also a mouse for my brother(because his has a broken scroll wheel"Then off to have some dessert, expensive one. Two cups for RM10.50. Jeez.....But high quality stuff of course(for me).

After that, went back to the Ball Room for the second and third talk which is "I am A Temple Of The Holy Spirit" and also "Forgiveness and Freedom" I like the third talk and I always find it's hard to forgive someone and Father Stan said "It's very hard to forgive someone that is your enemy, it takes a lot of time. And if you're the one who are asking for forgiveness and people are unwillingly for forgive you, be patient."

Father Stan will start off each of his talks with his own created song to praise the God. I mean he makes the song on-the-spot. No lyrics no "bean sprouts"(as in notes). He just make the background sound with his electric guitar that he brings then off he goes. I'm very impress of him. Very much.

After the third talk is Counseling and Confession which I didn't go because I'm don't know how to confess in English. It may sounds like a excuse but I didn't go for it.

Tomorrow and after tomorrow still have to go to the rally. Enjoy every seconds of it very much. And I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures and long boring post.

That's it


Let you guess. It's GREEN. It's SPIKY. It's smells good/bad. It's tasty/SUCKS. And it's called "THE KING OF FRUITS" at South East Asia....Yeap, it's DURIAN. And my house has lot's of it. It's a "YUMMY" or "EWWW~" for some people and for me it's "YUMMY" LOL
See it to believe it.

With it's yellowish skin and tasty taste(for me), it's consider one of the best fruit(for me again). For now, I'm like everyday can have a taste of it without going out to those fruits stall to buy some as I have A LOT of it at my house.
Oh man, it's making my mouth full of SALIVA!

Well, I do understand that some people hate it because of it SUCKISH smell and also their SUCKISH taste (as they proclaim) especially my close friend, SKF and WSL(name censored lol).

BTW, it's been three and a half days for me not online because of my Internet are down for no reason and I just got back the Internet. Then I straight away come here to blog. Sorry for so long not blogging.

Well, I think that's it for my DURIAN post.

BSMM Mock Exercise

Today OR this morning, I missed my church just to go to this BSMM(Red Crescent) activities. It's a mock exercise for the VAD(Voluntary Aid Detachment). Arrive at BSMM HQ at 0630hrs. Saw my friends there already.

This mock exercise is abouT FLOOD so they're having it at the beach. Well, it's been a long time since last time I went to the beach. They charted a bus to take us(as many as 80 students) to Tanjung Lobang Beach. When arrive there, I feel so good but we like waiting there doing nothing.

On the spot.

People all confuse what to do.....

But of course we're not doing the mock exercise, we're just the casualties. Exercise started at 0800 hrs. And I got my injury as SPINAL INJURY. That means I gonna laid myself on the sandy beach which is not CLEAN at all. Can't complain much as I said I could laid on the sand.

BUT when the exercise started, I'm just being ignored by the rescuers. My friend too. Just laid there on the sandy beach, can't move, seems like I'm going to be sunburn or become salted fish
My friend who also had Spinal Injury ready to be transported

First aid team doing some treatments to the casualties.

Relive center

Then the activities are finished. Had some Debriefing.Debriefing session.

After that, we pretty much had no more activities to do, so it's free time. And.....
I dont know what that group is playing but I can keep hearing the word "Satan" from that group.

While my group is like a group of Science people playin' with the worms found under the rock

Still have many groups alone talkin' to their friends. friend Othman is building a sandcastle LOL

Then we had lunch and after it playing with our hand-made see-saw LOL.....Then at 1348, the bus came and we went back to HQ to back to home.

That's it

Battleground between ME and MOSQUITOES

*Piak, piak*
Ahh~~My desktop has become the battleground between me and the MOSQUITOES......Dont know why there's so much at the computer desktop here than at the living room. And I've collected all the "fallen soldiers" at my desktop table....*itch itch*

16 "fallen soldiers" The numbers remains UNKNOWN and keep on increasing.....That's just a night in front of the computer. Ahhh~~~~

Got bitten very bad already. Now my left leg has some scars due to always scratching.
Smallee face? Heck no...It's UGLY! Need some lotion!!!!!

And I don't know why they stung very hard and painful and also ITCHY!.It itched for a very long time especially the "smallee face" Disturb me when I'm gaming, surfing the Net. As long as I'm in front of the desktop, I'll got stung LOL.....Too bad can't spray Ridsect in my house or else I'll do it.

Uhh~That's it *piak piak, ENEMY DOWN!*

Weekly Update.

Ngai di lor.....One week no updates AT ALL. Have nothing to update. I'm just like a robot during last week which were Mid-Semester holiday. Play computer until 0200hrs then sleep until 1200hrs then continue playing computer. My eyes and body are all "radiated" badly.

Then yesterday which is "4th of July" for Malaysia(August 31st) is Malaysia Independence Day which is not really "meriah" at Miri here. So cold one. With all our politicians idiotic ideas, I think there's not much more people want to celebrate it. Oil Price UP, 1Malaysia(for me one word = stupid), Racist happening rapidly at West Malaysia. For me, Sarawak is the MOST peaceful state in WHOLE Malaysia. No racist and multicultural people here. No fights at all.

Racist fight occurring at WM which is Malay VS Indians. Of course Malay wins. Indians don't stand a chance. Refer here to view the post at MiriCommunity. No further comment as I don't want to be get caught for ISA lol.

And today is pretty much sucks for me especially the exam result. 4 subjects only one have 80+ My maths pretty much is dead. Only 75. Geography only 83. Chinese 77 not bad. BM 79. Don't know what position I'll get this time. Don't expect much. Others so happy happy about their results due to high marks.

That's it for me today.