MY MOST Wanted to Watch Movies

Gah~~~A lot of movies gonna make their premier screenings around the upcoming months and all of THEM are so COOL~ And that's why they are my "Most wanted to watch Movie List"

Woohoo~~~~District 9.....ALIENS' HERE!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

Yay! Cartoon! lol.....Still love to watch cartoon movies....Such as THIS! Ice Age 3 : Dawn of the Dinosaur

Third, Woot! Johnny Depp is here!!! WITH GUNS! NOT WITH SHIPS!

G.I Joe? Cool~

Last but not Least!
Did someone just mention "ROCK N ROLLA"??? Now it's Cha-Cha time? Notice the poster closely....
IT SAYS "A story of SEX, things and rock n' ROLL" WTH? Sex? Uh o.....not suitable for me 18SX..Be careful kids...Ask for your parent's permission to watch IT! LOL

Wow! so many movies, SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! Hold on~! This August I'm going to have mid-semester test..Duh~~it just ruin my time to watch my favourite movie : District 9......

Nevermind, maybe I can buy it's DVD and watch and SURELY NOT PIRATED! Pirated CD/VCD/DVD/BlueRay SUCKS!

That's it


Remember the prediction made by an UNKNOWN person saying that a tsunami that's going to be the worst ever tsunami. My post. Well, it doesn't seems to be happened today 22 of JULY 2009.....All are peace and quiet today. Except for the Sun Eclipse that's happened in China. How I wish I can look at the Sun Eclipse because IT'S ONCE IN 300 YEARS! By the time I'm dead, MAYBE I won't see another Sun Eclipse. That's sad. But Malaysia Meteorologist Center said Malaysia going to experience partial Sun Eclipse, but today, at 8:30 A.M.(which they expect to have the Eclipse) I'm having an assembly.

There's some ridiculous one saying that when the Sun and the Moon are inline. MAGIC! The gravity of the Sun + the gravity of the Moon = Make the tectonic plate lifted and causes TSUNAMI. What a funny theory. Picture below explained.

My overall conclusion
That's it


OMG!!!! This movie is so damn GOOD! Well although it's a little bit already old which it's released at 2005 but when I watched it yesterday via TV, the storyline was really interesting.
The movie poster

Brief go-through of the story

Reading of the brutal murder of an entire family on a farm in Holcomb, Kansas, startles Truman Capote, a reporter for The New Yorker magazine, and he goes there to cover the story. What he finds is a murder without an identifiable motive, and, shortly thereafter, two men on death row for the murders who couldn't be more different. He befriends Perry, one of the two, and is befuddled to find an erudite, sensitive man, and Capote struggles to understand how such a man could be guilty of such crimes. Still, there is little doubt of Perry's guilt, for Dick, Perry's far less cultivated accomplice,has spoken of the murders in Capote's presence, though not admitting the murders were premeditated, and Perry makes no attempt to deny his participation.

Capote is so troubled and fascinated by the murders that he resolves to write a book about the incident. The problem is that the quality of his book will suffer unless he can learn what really happened on the night the crimes took place, as he would be unable to answer the very question that compelled him to devote so much time and effort to studying the murders. Capote grows closer and closer to Perry, and their growing relationship and Capote's obsession with the successful completion of his project appear to motivate his attempt to intervene in the case and delay Perry's execution. In his prison visits to see Perry, he must delude him into believing that he is trying to get him a new trial and a fresh chance at acquittal. In truth, Capote's actions are self-serving, but the result is that he and Perry grow closer, and, eventually, Perry relates what really happened the night of the murders. An armed robbery went wrong, and the murders had been committed in the rage of the moment by Perry, who had been goaded by his accomplice, Dick, to kill all possible witnesses to their crime. Now in possession of the truth, Capote withdraws from the scene, perhaps understanding that the executions will now provide the final chapter of his book. Not long after, Perry and Dick are executed, but Capote has already succeeded in understanding the Holcomb murders, and is ready to write a novel that will be celebrated as a masterpiece.

A few pictures of scene in Capote

Philip Seymour Hoffman starring as Truman Capote in this movie

This is Clifton Collins starring as Perry in Capote.

Too bad after this "In Cold Blood" written by Truman Capote about the murder, there's no more book written by him already. So I wonder where can I now purchase this book in the market? It seems very interesting.

That's it

Thank you WOU : )

I think you guys remember that I've joined WOU : Post A PostCard Contest during February. Click here to view it. Well, I'm very glad that I've joined this contest because it's my first online contest I've joined via Nuffnang. : )

Then on 1st of July, I received this email....
Hmm......I didn't win a thing but manage to win Early Bird Prize..GREAT! A tee-shirt

Of course I can't go for the prize-giving ceremony due to that they held it at KL as I'm in Miri...Can't just fly to there just to get a SHIRT?! So I waited for them to post it to me.....I waited...waited.....waited.....waited.......... But it didn't come....Scam??? No way! Since then I didn't care about it already.
Then today while I was searching up and down my house for a book about Miri for my project, I heard the posman horning outside and my sister went out and took the "goods" And She said :"Ehh~~~Mark got post????" I was like huh??She handed to me and as SOON as I looked at it, WOW! it's from WOU!
For some reason, I blacked my address

A closer LOOK! It's for ME! lol XD

Inside??? A tee shirt of WOU...

Yea, although it's just a Tee-shirt but hey better than none right?

That's it

Cooking Lesson

Hm.......just had my cooking lesson at school today..All I can say is PERFETTO! ASSOLUTO! Délicieux!!!!!...That was hell of a lot FUN! Can't deny that.....There are totally 7 groups in my class with 3-4 members. And THIS is my FIRST time experience on cooking....

After this cooking lesson, I learned that everyone should know how to cook, NO MATTER GUYS OR GIRLS........Because not only girls know how to cook, but guys not really that bad though. Think of it, some day later you'll be going out to further your studies, you have to cook for yourself too..

So today, quite fun with all those cookings and decorations. Some pics here after cooking...Too bad no "When cooking" pictures

Credits go to Jonathan as these pictures are from him cams.
Jonathan's group dishes
Main course : special fried rice, eggs, and hotdog+long beans......Dtink : watermelon drinks)

My group's dishes...
Main course : Village style fried rice, Dessert : fruit salad
and Drink : Green Tea

Maypink group
Main course : Don't know it's name but I'm sure it's pasta, Dessert : Fruit salad also and Drink : Apple juice....Hmm Italian!

Western IS HERE!!!! Edmunds group I think MOST DELICIOUS COURSE!
Main course : Fish N' chips.....Appetizer : Garl
ic Bread.....Drink : Coco drink

Benny's group (A little bit blur)
Main course : Err...Fried Rice(I think it's like Omirasu a Japs food with all the eggs covered their rice) Dessert : Fruits....Drink : Lime Drink

Ahh~~ here it is Jong's group
Main course : Malaysia MOST Favoured food NASI LEMAK....Drink : Coco drinks plus Coco inside....Dessert : Banana Spritz....Most SPECIAL GROUPS!

One more?

Duh~~Teacher forgot to take Sieh Lung's group...
Main course : Fried Rice....Dessert : Fruits Boat.....and
Drink : UNKNOWN lol....

Happy moments when eating : )

Err....Jon's group dividing their "share"

My group's happy moments

Benny's group enjoyin' their fried RICE!

Edmund's group finishing their Fish N' Chips....*Burpppp*

Maypink's group of four eating their pasta and SAID "PERFETTO!!!!"

I think that's the end of OUR COOKING LESSON! No need to eat lunch already.....Stomach is full of Rice.....*Burpppppppppppp*

That's it

"Customer's Day"

It's actually Hari Pelanggan in Malay but I'm just simply translate it into English so it's "Customer's Day" which the customers are actually...OUR PARENTS!!!!! My school's having this day because they want to see our parents so that our parents could know everything that we did in the school..And also take our report card.

Just two pictures I've taken here.

This is my friend, Jong with his mother talking to the teachers...The teachers' faces are blocked by them XD......
The result for all forms....

Actually there's more in the hall but I don't dare to take pictures with my phone there....They're like you're going to "bank-in" something.....Need to take the numbers and wait for you turn....So annoying...

But luckily the teacher had nothing to say about me and my mum had also nothing to ask bout me lol.......

That's it


Well yesterday my next class got a swimmer that just got back from a swimming competition from Brunei.....As you guys know Brunei is also affected by H1N1 virus. And Miri is 'pancaked' between Brunei and Bintulu(A district which is next to Miri district). And Miri got its first case last Sunday I think....Then it just spread. Till yesterday my classmates and some of the swimmers from other school were suspected. They're sent to hospital immediately.

Then the news spread like a virus also....So today~~~~~~Everyone is bringing this to school.

A mask...this is a surgical mask which only cost about 80 cents.....And I think it's useless....well maybe it will give some protection??

And everyone looks like me now....
LIKE THIS....UGLY!!!!!! no protection at the side has some leaking and it's not comfortable to wear it FOR 5 HOURS!!!!!

Well, at least you should get a mask which had N95(US standard) or FFP3(Europe standard) mask as it offer the best protection and longer lasting than surgical mask.

This is what I saw in my local newspaper

Newspaper saying that a female doctor is suspected to have H1NI...



15 people who had contact the swimmers back from Brunei pay a 'visit' to the hospital....

Well....we can just pray. Take care all...

That's it