What a day : ) (With extended version)

Today I had my breakfast and lunch 2 in 1. Me and my elder sister went to Parkson together with Qi Ying, Sieh Lung, Gabriel, Raphael, Everlyn, Kong Mun Ying, Kong Mun Ting, Peggy and Charlene...Seems to be a group XD......Well our purpose for going to Parkson is to celebrate our school first-aid team(which consist of Everlyn, Kong Mun Ying, Kong Mun Ting, Peggy and Charlene) getting second place in Inter Unit First Aid Competition. I know although it's only second place but It's worth a celebrate. So we played a "Station game" in Parkson

About the money for spending I don't want to tak bout it :D

Our first station : Pizza Hut! Bought three pizzas. Take-awayOFF to OUR FEAST at MarryBrown...Starting from 6 o'clock clockwise Kong Mun Ying, Kong Mun Ting, Peggy, Everlyn, Gabriel, SiehLung, Raphael, Me(not showing my face), Charlene, and My sister. Credit go to Qi Ying as she helps to take this photo.

SiehLung is busy eating his chicken until he doesn't know that I'm taking his photo.

Gabriel with his bird-fobia can't eat those DELICIOUS fried chicken...So he ate three slices of PIZZAS.Er....this is Raphael.....Too close when taking his photo secretly XD....

From left : Kong Mun Ying, Kong Mun Ting, Peggy, Everlyn and Gabriel.

Next station.....Big Apple Donut + Secret Recipe = FEAST AGAIN! Delicious donuts and Cakes though....Counting money that we spent average......Quite a confusing maths.....lol...From the left : Qi Ying, Charlene and Kong Mun Ting(why is she pointing at me?! My undercover is exposed!!!!)

A group photo....What a memorable day :)

Some Edited Photos

New Pizza Hut logo lol.....
The words that SiehLung might say if there's no US....only him alone lol...
The disappointed reaction of Gabriel knowing that HE cannot eat the chickens because of his fobia XD....
Er....Edited for FUN? hehe

Well, after that we the boys went to Cyber Cafe as the girls went for some shopping or window-shopping. Played CS 2vs2 and Terrorist WINS!......Meet up the girls at Big Apple....Off we go again looking for some CD's(boy group) but unfortunately we foundnone is good....All are pirated and low-quality haiz...Oh saw Jessie at Parkson too when going down the elevator and she's going up.

Meet-up again. Then byebye we said to each other.

Sorry for some of the low-quality pictures...using a VGA camera-phone to take photo..so low-quality pics are expected....

That's it

Michael Jackson IS DEAD?!

Unfortunately HE IS......

First of all.....I'm not really a fan of Michael Jackson......Just feel sad for his death and his death was just like the death of P. Ramlee for me........

The "King of Pop" Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 of cardiac arrest when he collapsed in his Bel Air home. At 12:12 pm PST a 911 call was made. Jackson was not breathing and CPR was performed to try to save his life when paramedics
arrived. Jackson went into a coma and was quickly taken Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.In the hospital Jackson was pronounced dead at the age of 50. Michael was a superstar singer and entertainer who sold over 750 million albums worldwide throughout his lifetimehttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31552029?gt1=4300http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/25/jackson/index.htmlhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31552029?gt1=43001http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2009/06/pop-star-michael-jackson-was-rushed-to-a-hospital-this-afternoon-by-los-angeles-fire-department-paramedics--capt-steve-ruda.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson.
Source from Mahalo

What I think about Michael Jackson is that he's ONE of the best entertainer in the 80's and 90's and so is he in now......But one thing I dislike is he did all those plastic surgeries. Why need to do those surgeries?? Isn't that original is always the best....No offense here

He used to look like this in the in the first career of his singing.

Then to this....

Then to the face we known today...

Can't believe that he's already 50 YEARS old......doesn't look like a 50-year-old man to me either.....

Just pray for him....

That's all

Not at this time

Yesterday was totally a new experience for me because I fetched my father who is back from KL and his flight was at 2030 hrs. Which is when he touched down here is 2300hrs......I was so sleepy when waiting for 2300hrs playing com......watching TV. Then finally it's 2300hrs. Straight got my phone and off me and mum go!

Arrive at Miri Airport at 2300hrs SHARP! And the airport was like.... THIS

Of course the airport didnt blackout larr.....Just my camera suck? Inside is bright bright de.

See? Inside is bright. But with only a few people and all the shops were CLOSED!
The most "crowded" spot at that time 2305hrs......The Arrival Gate

Then I stopped taking photo to prevent other people or the officers there to suspect me as a terrorist or anyone else taking photo. Me myself also felt very awkward taking photo at that time. Then my father is out with his friends. Luckily not quarantined for H1N1 lol..........The custom officers there all wear protective mask though......

Then I got back home at this time

IT'S 2325hrs and I STILL HAVEN'T SLEEP.......As the matter of fact...I was so sleepy in class today

That's all

New blogskin : )

Just changed my blogskin. I don't know whether it suits or not. Anyway just change it because I've used the Black Wood template for a while already. Time for some CHANGE! So I use this blog template : Puppet by DeluxeTemplates. Hope you like it : )

The blog template that you see when you visit my blog.(Useless pic)
Suit?No?Yes?You decide

And one more thing, I seems to be nothing special to update lately. So I apologized for those lame post with no pics. Trully Sorry.

That's all

Just an "OMG" game for me

Don't know if you guys know that I'm playing America's Army? Well....it will be turning to 3.0 version really soon and before it turn, IT'S JUST OMG....

The Pre-Load version(or a.k.a BETA) is already about 3.26GB and it's WTF....already. Imagine if it's full version. 5GB?7GB? It gonna take me days to download it and IF I can download it and play what's the side effect for my computer? Burn my graphic card?or my WHOLE COMPUTER?
This is just the BETA version...I repeat : BETA VERSION.

It's kinda crazy for me as I'm not a hardcore gamer. Just can pray for the best : )

That's all

A very tiring 4-days camp

Just got back from my school MRC camp which is a 4 days 3 nights camps at MRC HQ. IT'S IS SO TIRING.

Day 1
Arrive at HQ exactly 6:30 AM and registered myself and I just met all my schoolmates as it's my schol camp. Settle down at 7:10 AM and the committee members seized all our electronics devices such as clock, watch, HP and also junk food. So for this 4 days, I'll be cut off with time. Had Ice breaking for the whole day just to introduce ourselves to others from different school. Went to sleep with mosquitoes.

Day 2
Woke up and straight away went to the flag pole for flag-raising ceremony. Had breakfast and then went for talk bout proficiency badges for RC. THEN IT'S GAMING TIME. Not computer games of course but some dirty and tough stations games. My clothes are all dirty. Then night activities came on such as Transporter which is like we as RC members had to deliver supplies(not real) for communists conquered RC station without being caught by the comm. Quite fun but at HQ there's no way to hide. It's just too open.

Day 3
Flag raising. Had breakfast. Then off to footdrill training. After the footdrill training, we discussed and planned for our Night Show which is a drama. Had a talk again bout "The Concept Of Volunteerism" by Dr. Selvaraj. Had lunch THEN OFF TO MORE DIRTIER GAMES. It's just so fun and yet so sucks. Had dinner then the Night Show started and we just failed a little bit because of my narrator didn't know where to start where to end. After it, scary things happened. There's ghosts(fake of course by the committee members and some of the participants) wondering at our HQ. Quite scary as one of my teammembers was hide by the committee member and we need to find her and we DID!. Off to tent again.

Day 4 (which is today)
Flag-raising and the morning was so COLD(weather) and I was trembling in cold when I woke up. After breakfast we started to have footdrill competition and my sound was just SUCKS after 3 days of cheering, shouting my group slogan and so on. But managed to get 3rd place. Cleaning the HQ compound and had our closing ceremony. THEN BYE BYE

Haiz.......sorry for a long no-pics post again....I'm just the participant so can't bring camera.

That's it


Yea i got the game : FIFA ONLINE 2 FOR FREE(it is free lol) What a good game.....This game already out for a long time but I can't play the first version and since the second version is out I gonna play it......But i can guarantee you IT'S GOOD. Get a copy from Popular only cost RM2(for my school mate though) and well...you might also can get a copy at 7 Eleven store(my brother told me)

Some screenshots I've taken when I play the game....
A stat showing that I'm winning Hull City and some sort of free gift.

Alan Smith SCORED lol.....Good graphic. And the face look so REAL. Cost me 2GB of harddisk space though.

I still have plenty of screenshots and don't know why I can't open it.....hmmm....Nevermind

Download link : IAH GamesAnd dont forget to register. And start playing
For an advice...use a download accelerator manager like DAP to speed up your connection speed.

That's it

Whattha tiring day

My hands are sore, my feet are ache, my WHOLE body all hurt. Today went for Red Crescent's School Cleaning(which is not really cleaning). Only bout 15 members and 8 committee members joined. And OUR main task? CLEAN THE SCHOOL FENCES. I mean FENCES. LOL.....

My school fences like dunno how many years no clean-up already. All covered with green-green stuff(algae i suppose) and some stubborn dirt. And the teacher gave us laundry powder for us as a soap for cleaning.LOL again. Laundry powder for cleaning those stubborn dirts? At least gimme some Clorox to clean it please. Cleaned two fences and the second fences is the TOUGHEST! like wanna shake the whole fence down.

And NO PRESSURE PUMP. So all need to use hand. Keep on insulting and blaming.

Then at the afternoon went for badminton and meet some old-school friend. Had fun and talk talk talk like we never been meeting for years. Really appreciate those time.

Whattha tiring day for me today.....

I so sorry for no-pictures post again. : (

That's all