The "Battle" is OVER

Finally the time I am waiting for The exam is OVER, A sign of RELIEF It's been a tough exams for me because it's semester test and also my brain is just keep thinking bout game when I study......Kinda addicted to computer gamers already XD.

Anyway my parents might be going to Sibu for wedding dinner next Sunday till Tuesday I think and only they go NOT US(me, brother and sister) A little bit hate to go back to Sibu as there's a LOT of mosquitoes and hot there. Miri's better so it gonna be a three-person-world next Sunday till Tuesday. And most of all, Sibu people speak Foochow(One of the many languages in China) which for me is a ALIEN language

That's all


Short post here.

Not gonna update my blog for one week at most due to the test again.
Gonna see my blog covered with dust after one week.
Thanks for visiting


Weekly Update again

Well today is just quite normal day for me. Go to church, had my breakfast and went home....And I dunno why I'm so sleepy this afternoon. Watch TV also felt sleepy, after lunch also sleepy, wake up from the naps also felt sleepy. Haiz......So did my Chinese calligraphy and did some of my Science Project then off to gaming.

Now....just preparing myself for Chinese tuition later.

Catch ya soon

Some Events Happened

First of all.......


Second thing is that MY BROTHER COME BACK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!Yeehhaaaaaa.......Miss him so much and he said he's sick after the trip to Penang. So maybe my mum tonight will do her "magic trick" to heal him.......

That's all

Never give up

That's what I can say....NEVER GIVE UP! Remember the online contest I've joined last April I think.....organized by Wawasan Open University : Post A PostCard Contest.......

It's only Third Round of elimination now and I discovered that.........


So that's only means one thing......
I was eliminated!!!!!

Well, that's kinda disappointing but HEY.....not everything comes with success. Plus this is my first time joined an online contest organized by Wawasan Open University, in collaboration with Nuffnang!!!

I will NOT give up! Looking forward for the next online contest organized by Nuffnang...


That's it

Silent Yet Deadly

I just discovered from MiriCommunity that Twitter or social-networking sites like Facebook has some sort of worm called Koobface worm. It's a Identity Theft(steals your username and password and use it for scams.)

According to Threatpost, identity thieves are spamming Facebook users through the Facebook mail system with one-line messages with a subject line of "Hello" and a link in the body to the site "". The link is disguised as a Facebook link. This site fakes the Facebook login page.

When users try to log into this site the attackers get their Facebook credentials. The attackers then log in with the credentials and spam everyone on the Friend list. is now widely blocked, but don't be surprised if the scam reappears with the message slightly adjusted and a new domain name.

There have also been charges of scams today on Facebook through their IM feature.

Sources taken from

A new variant of the Koobface worm is making the rounds. Facebook users need to be aware of this and other attempts to use clever social engineering related to Facebook to trick them into installing malware.

Like the earlier versions of Koobface, this one starts out as a Facebook message from a friend. The message includes a link to a web site with something enticing like "a video of you". Like the old ones, in order to view the video you have to apply what purports to be an update to your Adobe Flash player, but which is in fact the malware.

The difference in this case is that the page with the video is professional-looking YouTube spoof, complete with the impression that the video has been posted by your Facebook friend. This is a clever next step in the scam.

Install the malware and it will steal your logon credential from Facebook and other sites and send the message on to your friends on them. Trend Micro's description of the malware has all the gory details.

Sources taken from

Well, just be careful if you are using you're using yuour computer for other function such as Internet Banking and other private stuff.....It might hacked it...Careful surfing Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and else...


Footdrill Training went to MRC(Miri Red Cresent) HQ to have a footdrill training.....Taught by some soldiers and although I knew 80% of what they taught, but I still learn some new things in marching. But sadly, today's weather hot like HELL and my group was trained in no-shadow part which means we are all being "cooked" by the sun and not surprise that my skin turns darker and darker than before. The other group were so lucky because 90% of them were not "cooked" by the sun. My whole body felt the heat, my shoes' hot, t-shirt is wet still need to march.

And yet so m
any members of my group could stand the heat and continue the marching. Even the soldiers asked us "whoever want to come out can come out" but still no one wants until the clock was near 1200hrs. After marching went back home and here I am blogging.......

That's all

Routine Post

Well, just a routine post here....Today,'s is kinda good for me and the assembly is quite boring because we're sitting down and I'm quite sleepy.

All the classes today just like normal and throughout the day also normal. Had my haircut finished my homework, had a nap and then here blogging and of course last but not least gaming.

That's it

The Longest CountDown EVER!!!

Haha just now or yesterday just had a countdown with Amabel and Woan Ling. Well that's what we usually do during Friday or Holiday. Nothing special just a chat session. But this time it's THE LONGEST EVER! Starting from 2230hrs till 0000hrs.....So bored and got bulllied by them as always. And this actually broke me record for longest chatting session with someone in MSN.

Part of conversation when counting down. Too bad WoanLing had left straight away after 0000hrs.
Click for larger image. might think it's a boring one but it's actually quite fun~~Nice countdown on the last day of April and the first day of May

That's it