Trip to Niah National Park

It's really has been a while since the last time I've updated my blog. Most of my friends who were actively blogging before, all are dying down or.......perhaps DEAD. :/

Nevermind then, I've found back my passion to restart blogging again since surfing the Internet and Facebook are getting more and mroe boring, day by day. So to start off, today I've just went to Niah National Park for my school's Orientation trip. Don't know why they choose Niah Cave but better than going to Borneo Rainforest Resort which cost a BOMB.

Anyway, I arrived at school around 6.55am. Thought I was getting late because I was told that the bus left at 7am sharp. Who knows? There's actually some people later than me. Nevermind. Straight head for the staff room to help Jane transfer some 3K files for the teachers. Saw a lot of SPM students banging their head into the Chemistry reference book :D

The bus did left around 7am. Bumpy ride using the Coastal "Highway". Butt hurt :( Chit-chat all the way with my friends (Kelvin, Kong Lek, Sieh Lung). Don't know why but I feel like this year's Form 3 people are such quiet, not as 'high' as my year. What they do in bus? Sleep =.=

Arrived at the National Park around 9am I suppose? Mr Effendi quickly went to register and buy the tickets for 25 of us. Not that as much as last year though. Ahh, long talk cut short <------ Direct chinese translation, I'll just use some of my pictures to do the talkings (Some are quite blurry though)

Arrived at National Park. First task for the AJK's, create 2 groups. Boy and girl...... Looking good there but.........

Still not yet finishing the first task........*2 minutes passed*

Finally, after some lecture from Mr Effendi, they are able to line up properly. WHY YOU LIKE THIS????!!!!

Then after they all had their piss and maybe poo in the toilet, we are ready to go. But one major problem is that they all don't know that they need to bring TORCHLIGHTS. Omg.....But whatever, follow the flow. Now it's off to the jetty to cross to the other side. 

Walking towards the jetty. Everyone still feeling sloppy and lazy :/

 Boarding the boat :D Wobble wobble :P

Look at all those EXCITED and ENERGISED faces. Different from what had been seen few minutes ago..... :D

My turn to board the board......Some happy, got one got crazy because seeing some Caucasians *duuh....*

After all had got across the jetty, we all regrouped and recounted again our committees. Well, just in case : x Then it's GO TIME :D
Heading into the trail....Some 4km journey until the Cave :O

 Although the journey is long, but it's CHIT CHAT and taking photo ALL THE WAY :D 

Rest at a junction between the trail going to Cave and Longhouse.....Recharge and on we GO! 

After going through the Trader's Cave. LET'S TAKE A GROUP PHOTO :D 

Then it's just a short distance walk from the Trader's Cave to the Great Cave. Upon reaching, there's something very of droppings??? :O

 At the mouth of the Cave :P

 Everyone is terrified with the SMELL :O 

Scene around the mouth of the cave? Not sure LOL! 

Eventually everyone is numbed to the HORRIBLE smell. Then Mr Effendi gathered us at a house and had a group photo taken. Too bad my camera wasn't in there, so not group photo for me :/ Maybe I'll just wait for Vanessa to post up her photos in Facebook.

Rest for a while again............before entering the cave. Torchlights ready? Some yes, mostly no. Sad case. Luckily Mr Effendi got bring some headlights. Brighter than mine =.=

 Off we go, climbing those slippery stairs

 Some cave-mouth shots.

Did I mention that those entire stairs and wooden floors inside the cave were and still ARE stained with bats' and birds' poos? :O Somemore there's water droplets from the ceiling of the cave. WHAT? Droppings + Water + Slippery? Perfect combination for slipping off and have your ARSE stained with WATERY POO :P So safety first............

Go around the Great Cave and then we head of for Painting Cave.

Some of the scene when on the way to Painting Cave, which we have to pass through Gan Kira if not mistaken......

Out of Gan Kira, before going to Painting Cave..

Going to Painting Cave which took another 10 minutes journey and some hell of a stairs climbing. 

But to my disappointment, there's really nothing to see on the wall of the cave itself. Those paintings are almost gone. Just only some pictures at the signboard which was taken in 1987. My teachers said it's mainly because of vandalism that destroys the wall painting. :/

Heading back towards the Great Cave again after having a few snacks and drinks.

Some other pictures taken.........
"Digi"man photo :D 

"Digi"man collaboration with "Hotlink" man 

Got some in-motion feeling about this photo 

 TEO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE????? OMG Seriously, he's doing his little "business" THERE :O

 "Kwong Ying" Uncle with Trolls.

"Kwong Ying" Uncle with his 'thousand hands'

I guess that's all about the trip Niah Cave. Not much detail to talk about during the period we walked out of the National Park EXCEPT it's raining HEAVILY and I nearly fell off the stairs. Slippery.

Bumpy ride back to Miri again and it's time to get a rest for everyone. Pretty much enjoyed everything about today :D

That's all for now
Till then.