FIRST and The BEST Youth Rally I've ever joined

Yesterday, I joined Father Stan Fortuna's Youth Rally Talks. Father Stan Fortuna is a priest from The United States of America. Not that all...He is an international musician and singer. But he only sings Christians' Song. He's friendly too

Well, at the start, I'm very excited because the speaker is not local, IT'S A PERSON FROM UNITED STATES!!!!!.The Youth Rally's theme is "Growing In Holiness"..Starting very good already. At his talk, he's not like any other speakers, he know how to make us laugh and make the talk interesting instead boring and sleepy. He knows how to make jokes and can do a lot of sound. I like one of his words "If you are cool, you are wise, if you are not cool, you are a fool" I like that. His first talk is "Being Holy Is Cool" That's my favourite talk ever. Very funny. Then is "The Eucharist" and "The Prayer" Before he start every talk, he will make a song first.

Then the night concert which the crowd are "overhigh". VERY GOOD!!! It's good to have a priest who knows how to play and create own songs. Father Stan Fortuna is the ONE!!

Today....Talks still very interesting and good. It's very sad to say goodbye to Father Stan Fortuna but I apprieciate and will remember this youth rally which is very meaningful to me. I like the way he perform mass for us yesterday.

Thank you, Father Stan Fortuna, for all the way from United States to Miri, just to give us the best talks I've ever received.......

Picture of Father Stan Fortuna

Once again, Thank you Father Stan Fortuna....

Inter-Club Camp 2008

Last week of holidays, I've enjoyed my holidays very much. Because I joined the Inter-Club Camp 2008.

On that day, before I got there, I thought there should be many people joining it....When I got there, (LOL) only 24 people were participated in this camp. At first, in the MRC hall, the situation was very "cold"......But of course larr, only 24 people joined this camp. There's five group with each group of appromiximitely 5 people. My group name was Jing Jing, the Beijing Olympic mascot.....Others' group name also using the Beijing Olympic Mascot name like Bei Bei, Huan Huan, Ni Ni and Ying Ying.....

My group was the luckiest when we are doing the Ice Breaking, creating our group's slogan and our group flag. My group slogan is "WE ARE JING JING, NO ONE CAN BEAT US" And our group flg is consist of Our group slogan and and Panda bear in the middle which is Jing Jing. and two panda legs' spot.

Then we went to set up four camps and the gadgets which we used to hang our clothes. Then we moved into the camp. My camp is a group of my school friends, so we could talked to each other in Chinese.

Then, at noght we had a talk about CPR, Cardio Pulmunary Resuscitation. And then Ice breaking among the participants and AJK. Then go to sleep.ZZZZzzzzz...HANG ON!!! While we sleep, tiny little creatures which sucked our blood, mosquito came into our camp making us couldn't sleep. And also...we saw some guy racing in the street in midnight.

Next day, we had marching training and learning First Aid. Ate lunch THEN FUN TIME!!! Station Games which were very fun although it's very dirty. After game, we cleaned up ourselves and it's COOK TIME......We cooked something which I don't know what's the name but it used bamboo, chicken and the some sort of leaves to cooked it...Put all the chicken and the "leaves" into the bamboo and cooked it under the fire. Not gas stoove's fire but camp fire.

After eating our dinner, we had a first aid relay which my group was badly done..Then we were given time to discuss about our night show the next day. Fesyen show, drama singing and solo performance.

Sleep AGAIN but this time we had some insect repellent.

WAKE UP!!!Marching training again.I am the commander...Shout until I don't have voice. Ate our breakfastthen continued to march.....In the afternoon , we had a disaster management mock exercise. Even had soldiers came here. They brought a camp called "Monkey Camp" We were asked to set up the camp which is very big.

After the Disaster Management Mock Exercise, we cleaned our selves and prepared for our Night show. First, fesyen show which was me and my group member from Merbau I think. HipHop style.....hehe.....Then drama...haiz don't want to talked about it....Singing "Breaking Free" from High School Musical and solo perfrmance is "berpantun". Then we all gathered around in a circle, releasing our feeling because it was our last night. Someone cried and others like no feeling. Sleep

Last day...First, Marching competition, which embrassed me very much because I've lost my voice to command because I shouted so loud yesterday and no voice today. Nevermind....Then cleaned up all the camps and prepared to go home. The closing ceremony was very excited for me. I couldn't believed with my own eyes....I BECAME THE BEST CAMP BOY IN THIS INTER-CLUB CAMP 2008.........That's fun of my joy......And the group winner is First, Ni Ni Second, Jing Jing Third, Bei Bei......Our group slogan need to change to "WE ARE JING JING, NO ONE CAN BEAT US EXCEPT NI NI" Hahaha.....Kidding

Trophy of the "Best camp boy in Inter-Club Camp 2008"

Then Sayonara......"sad"

I really have visitors from foreign countries??

Well, since I install the "Clustr Map" device at my blog, I found out that I actually have visitors from foreign countries. Thanks foreign guys for visiting my blog!!!! Thank You!!

It's just a short post this one. About the Clustr Map, I can say that my visitors are not as many as my brother's blog. His visitors are world-wide even have visitors from South Africa and Alaska....Here's his blog URL :

Go and see his blog very nice though. And also take a look at his "Clustr Map"

All In ONE!!!

I've been not blogging for a few times as you can see. I'm just busy in studies and my mum don't let me play computer from Monday to Friday. Well today, I gonna write my blog all five days in one post. It's full of good, bad, and maybe sad.

First stuff, happy and tired one. Saturday....Telematch organized by my school Red Crescent. That day was totally crazy. All the participants were having fun. As for me also having fun BUT fun first worst last. After the telematch, my whole body ache like tut!!! My thighs are so hurt and I sit and going down the stairs also hurt. I think this is caused by my sister's game station. Because she asked my group to jump like frog.....

And my back...WALAO......At the first game station of my telematch, the game station's AJK asked two male to lie down on the ROCK ROAD!!!! I thought for a while and I volunteerd to lie on the rock road with my group leader, Leonard. Then WORST!!! two of my group members sit on my back, with only my left leg touched the ground...I estimated the two guys sitting on my back appromixedly 78 kilogrammes. 78 KILOGRAMMES SITTING ON MY BACK....That hurts ok!??? When I got up my spine have one sound "CRACK" but no broken bones.

Then I saw one funny thing. Before the telematch starts.......I saw Woan Ling's T-shirt still white, clean white T-shirt. Then after the telematch, big changes.....all the white became light brown also can be said as "dirty".....HAHAH.........As for my shirt, it became very stink because my last game station was playing with flour. Not dried flour but already added water.

That's the good one. Bad one not for me. but for some people in my class. On Tuesday, my school perfectory board members suddenly made a confesticate search. They searched out many forbbidden things in our school but somebody still take it to school. Among "illegal" things they searched out were highlighters, correction tape, liquid paper, and ALSO handphones...Three handphones were confesticated. One from Jocelyn, one from Lorraine and unbelievablely one from Ting Kee Shin........

After the confestication, the "Jawa volcanos" errupted. Both Lorraine and Jocelyn were scolding. Why??? For because Lorraine told the perfect that Jocelyn also had handphones. Haiz......Like this also need to scold at each other. Then we looked at Kee Shin and Jia Zheng laughed at him. He liked wanted to cry but don't cry out. We looked at his eyes already know larr.......He was liked comforting himself.

Woo....Best parts......While I am writing this blog, Olimpic Opening Ceremony starts....I like the count down style presented by China...Very nice though. Alright.....Last word....
Wish you Happy Watching Olimpic.......