Sibu trip

I know I've been to Sibu this year for many times already but this time, it's not the same. NOT AT ALL. First thing, I took a bus back to Sibu this time because my dad already there last Thursday. Second, it's already a long long time since I had my bus ride back to Sibu. I guess it's 9 years ago? lol.

The bus ride that Friday night was extremely good with Celcom Facebook on my hands but also EXTREMELY Cold. *Tips for myself: Always bring jackets(the more the better) when taking a long journey bus* Luckily the bus still got Karate Kid to watch. But watching the movie when the bus is moving made me felt sick. Want to throw out.

Time passed really fast. Arrived at Sibu bus station at 3.30am something. My dad arrived to pick us up soon enough then had breakfast at a nearby 24 hour cafe. After that went to Sibu Central Market for buying some groceries and supplies. Went back home. Of course my grandparents' home.

I had sleep for several hours. My mum and sis went to Rejang Hospital to take care of my grandpa. I went there at noon. Sad to see my grandpa lying on the bed. But he's happy to see me though. Felt touched at the moment.

We took turns to take care of my Grandpa. Sometimes I just prayed for him. Soon enough the time to leave comes. When to hospital again for one last visit to my Grandpa because well......

Then the boring 6-7 hours of journey back home.

That's all for now...

The E.N.D

It's not the B.E.P album, The E.N.D. It's just the FIFA World Cup is coming to an end with Spain vs Netherlands tomorrow morning, or should I say "tonight".

People's been buzzing around in Facebook walls saying tonight's game. I don't wanna watch it, not because I don't like football, it's because I don't want to being sleepy in the class tomorrow okay? Who will win? Well, there's many verdicts about that but now it seems all depends on a little bird and an octopus?! Paul, the octopus says Spain will win. While the bird from Singapore, I don't know what she says. lol.......

Everything around me been fine lately. Hari Pelanggan went through smoothly last Saturday, had fun countdowning with Mabel and Wling last Friday night, and school's life ain't good but at least ok. My mum been pressuring me to study harder to improve on my PMR subjects. It's not that I don't study but even IF I study, just in matter of hours, it's gone. Totally. Nothing. My brain only works best when the exam is around the corner.

I'm now all alone by myself now. Elder bro went back to Perlis already. Sister in Labuan. Left my parents with me. How excruciating.

That's it for now. I don't know when I'll be blogging again.