Exams are crap

Do you agree? LOL. Nevermind long time no update my blog due to exam that just passed an hour ago. God~what a relief.

The exam is TOUGH, really TOUGH.....My Sivic, Maths, Chinese maybe are all "DOOMED" From what I experienced throughout the week is that as my Topic said "Exams are crap" really crap. Waste of time. Because it takes like average 1 1/2 hour to complete one paper. Time is precious yo....For example my Science paper, it's time given is 1 1/2 hour but all of us completed in just 30 minutes. The rest of the time is sleeping, day-dreaming or whatsoever.

Plus, exam creates tension and stress in all the students. Most of all stresses are from the parents. Come on. Exam only creates competition among the students and stress from parents due to they all want their children to pass with flying colors? I mean does passing the test wth flying colors make you SPECIAL? I don't think so. You just create some envy from other students and PRIDE in yourself. If you always passing with flying colors, then once you failed, you'll be like unable to accept it. STRESS!!!!

But for now, I'm just glad the "pain-in-the-butt" exam is over for now.

That's it.

Meteor Rain EXPECTED to be seen!

It's not happen yet.....About 2 and a half hours later IT WILL! But I guess I can't see it because I'm sleeping though. Hmm, gonna miss another good view from MotherNatural.
Skygazers are getting ready to watch the annual Perseid meteor shower, which peaks on Wednesday.

The Perseid shower occurs when the Earth passes through a stream of dusty debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle.

As this cometary "grit" strikes our atmosphere, it burns up, often creating streaks of light across the sky.

This impressive spectacle appears to originate from a point called a "radiant" in the constellation of Perseus - hence the name Perseid.

"Earth passes through the densest part of the debris stream sometime on 12 August. Then, you could see dozens of meteors per hour," said Bill Cooke of Nasa's meteoroid environment office.

No special equipment is required to watch the sky show. Astronomers say binoculars might help, but will also restrict the view to a small part of the sky.

The Perseids can appear in any part of the sky, but their tails all point back to the radiant in the constellation Perseus.

In the UK, the best times to see the Perseids are likely to be on the morning of 12 August before dawn and from late evening on the 12th through to the early hours of the 13 August.

This year, light from the last quarter Moon will interfere significantly with the view.

The rock and dust fragments which cause the shower were left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle when it last came near the Sun.

The comet orbits the Sun once every 130 years and last swept through the inner Solar System in 1992


From BBC News

From the The Star

Malaysians can observe meteor shower tonight


GEORGE TOWN: Malaysians will be able to sight up to a total of 100 Perseid meteors per hour streaking across the northern sky in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Astronomy Atmospheric Science Unit lecturer Assoc Prof Dr Chong Hon Yew said that according to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO). the meteor shower is expected to be best viewed from 1.30am to 4am on Thursday.

“The shower could have started on July 24 and is expected to be observed until Aug 17.

“It is however predicted that during the peak viewing time (Thursday morning), the moon will be high in the sky, outshining the fainter meteors.

“There is a good chance for observers to spot the brighter meteors however,” he said on Wednesday.

Dr Chong also hoped the weather would be favourable for the Perseids to be seen.

Those who miss tomorrow’s meteor shower may still catch a “lesser version” after midnight Thursday, or early Friday morning.

Dr Chong said the Perseids are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle which are usually fast, bright and occasionally leave persistent trains.

“The point they come from lies in the constellation of Perseus,” he said.

The Perseid meteor shower has been observed for about 2,000 years, with the first known sighting coming from the Far East.

Every year in August, the Earth passes through rock and dust fragments left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. As these small particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up, often creating a startling streak of light across the sky.

The shower is visible from mid-July each year, with the greatest activity between Aug 8 and Aug 14, peaking at about Aug 12.

Dr Chong said the meteor shower can be observed with the naked eye

The actual statement from the News. Extract from MiriCommunity

That's it. Good Luck in spotting it : )

What a Night!

Starts with yesterday. BLACKOUT! LOL.....It happened when I'm playing at the peak of my gaming TIME! I was getting so excited then suddenly *boom* In front of me black, my surrounding all went black. And I realized BLACKOUT! *Muthafuc* Haha sorry for that. So doing nothing there, as my adrenaline went pumping all the time because I'm a little scare of dark. You know it, GHOST! lol crap I don't know why I'm so scare! Went SMS'ing to Amabel and SiehLung to clear out all my boredom. Then after 1 hour electric restored....WEE~~~ Watched Leverage on AXN then after ten minutes *boom* MUTHAFUC?! LOL.....It blackout again. But this time it's shorter only 20 mins.

My uncle said the major Sesco in Kuching shut down their power. I was like WHAT?! I'm in Miri 650++ KM away from Kuching and I'm using the Cat's City electric?! Hmm.....

These few days, it's been a hazy days in Miri due to so many open burning done by Malaysians as well as Indonesians. Gah, so smelly when studying, can't even concentrate. Sore throat, dizziness all struck me. Need to drink a lot of water Mirians! Stop open burning please PEOPLE!

It's been like happening for a few weeks......To bad no pictures.

Hope this post doesn't torture your eyes.

That's it

The Sh*t Box LOL....

It's not any immoral thing. It's the SHIT Box a.k.a poo box.... LOL. Again saw this thing on MiriCommunity

The Sh*t Box Website : The Brown Corporation

Various types of designs

Portable, durable and most of all REUSABLE...

That's what I WANT! This pic create an optical illusion....Seems to be the pics are tilted


Woo I like this......It's a green product....I love green products...Teehee~ just want to share this product to you guys....Dont say Sh*t!

That's it


LOL.....These two videos are like WOW for me.....Saw these from MiriCommunity R/C Hobby

Have a look and YOU'LL BE AMAZED

Another one but longer

Btw I'm a little bit "poisoned" by this hobby R/C.....It seems so cool and good for me because I can play this thing instead of sitting infront of the computer and radiates myself....LOL.....cheapest car I saw in MiriCommunity is a second-hand but gas-powered one. Cost me about 750 bucks lol....I think I need 7 years of angpau money to buy this "monster" But one unmodified one needs 1k LOL.....

Gotta start saving and stop wasting money for useless things.

That's it