Believe it or not?

Believe it or not? I ACTUALLY WENT BACK TO FRIENDSTER. for a while.

New look. Same thing.

Login area.

Home Page after login. Seems familiar?

Hold on..........

That's why la........Same like Facebook ma.

Actually after logging in and saw what I see, Friendster still pretty much lose to currently dominating Facebook. Nah, my profile there just only had one friend since last time after having an account of Facebook, I deleted my Friendster account. Only one friend. LOL.

Not really sure what brings me back to the site. Too boring maybe? Cannot game but don't know why I still switching on my computer. Just left it on. So maybe that's what bring me back to Friendster.

That's all for now.
School gonna reopen soon. Bad thing.
Byebye for the time being.

Holidays' all the same....

One more week then the school will reopen. Damn my schedule during the holiday is always the same. Sleep, eat, Game. Just like that.

I can say that almost everyday, 15 hours of my time is just sitting in front of the computer and game, game, game. No study, no outings, nothing. Can anyone suggest me what to do during my last week of this holiday?

Only "travel" I had during this holidays is going to Sibu to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday. 90TH!!!!!!! Had a lot of fun there(at least) there with my cousins. See my faecbook photos la..Lazy wanna describe all those craps here. Hehe. Sibu, haih still the same as always. Dirty longkangs, lousy road to reach there, and nothing else except for lot's and lot's of pirated DVD's and CD's at all its malls.

Well, sad thing is that my bitch died. (Is that too rough?) lol. Now only left my old male dog now. Pity it as it's all alone now. Not sure what causes the death but my parents suspect it's just that it's too old to give birth already. Difficulties in delivering. Gahh......

Alright for now lo. Craps all.
Gotta go. Got wedding dinner to attend