Blog is dying down......

Recently had nothing to blog about. Not just recently, but months. Damn..

I won't talk about those nuisance happening around me recently as now I need to go to sleep soon. No time to blee-bla so many stuffs.

Next week is PMR Pra Exam already. Kinda stressed up. Everyone is stressing up. Especially my class hardcore students. Funny thing is that after this exam and a two weeks Hari Raya break, we had to take Pra PMR 2. wth??? Then after one week, it's the real deal already. WTF?!

Ahh, sorry for those unstable emotions lol. Been helping Sieh Lung to search around the Net for a budget DSLR. It make me want to own one too. Maybe a bridge camera better. DSLR not my thing. LOL.

Everything changed very fast nowadays. Today this, maybe it's tomorrow's that. Been bashing Restaurant City in Facebook, and still bashing very hard. lol. Influenced by the "Restaurant City Revolution" in our class. LMAO.

Gah, forget what I said up there for not wanting to talk about nuisance. Anyway, before I leave, Good luck to all PMR students y'all All the best to you and to me.

That's all