It's been a while

Hmm, my last update is at LAST YEAR DECEMBER??? :O Hahaha sorry it's been a while since the last time I updated my blog. Now just stopping by to stuff all of you with a lot's of words and no pictures :P

Been busy around the first half of the year 2011 and is still very busy currently. January, I had Orientation for about a week, followed closely by being selected as School Prefect candidate. It's fun to be a prefect candidate especially having funny and good seniors around you guiding all the time. Prefect Camp was held at the end of March and the beginning of April :P Really enjoy it much :)

Then after the Prefect Camp, whole month of May was all about EXAM EXAM and EXAM. Pretty much the whole month was EXAM. Untillll.........the 27th :D Straight away after exam, that Friday morning I went to SUKBEL Camp at Kelantan for about a week. Together with my friends from other schools and some funny VAD's. Enjoy every single moment of it ESPECIALLY after the camp, shopping around at Kuala Lumpur big city. Flew back at the 4th of June

Next, I had a trip to Mulu National Park with my family and relatives. This trip was really an eye-opener for me. Seeing those gigantic and beautiful stalagmites and caves. I really like the Abraham Lincoln's Face at Deer Cave. It's really magnificent and the Bat Exodus is just, Fuuoah, NICE. Then school reopens again but the BUSY-NESS is just NOT OVER. Had First-Aid training for the entire week, preparing for the Competition for that VERY WEEKEND. Overall my team did a good job because they are all new in this and got second :) Congrats to them especially Jia Zheng, Jonathan and Ming Tak for their wonderful job well done :)

Now just busying myself around with prefect and school activities. Planing to learn guitar with my friend Sieh Lung :) Dunno why but it just came to me suddenly when Sieh Lung invited me to learn together with him.

It's really been a good day today because able to have TABLE TALK with Amabel, Sieh Lung, Emily Cheng and Kong Lek. Knew a lot of stuffs and it really taught me a lot of things. :) Really wish to have this kind of TABLE TALK again :D

So i think that's all from me eh? That's pretty much about everything I did for the last semester. And everything in between are just too great for me. Time really flies fast, how sad is that :( Alright cut the craps and I bet your eyes are sore'ing right now XD

Till we meet again

Smiling is my new objective of life. No matter what, I promise I'll keep on smiling. :)