OMG......Used to be H5N1 Bird Flu but now it is PIG flu(a.k.a swine flu)?????? Holy smoke!!! The whole world is changing.......And according to WHO(World Health Organization) the pig flu is caused by Bird Flu H5N1 and some pigs are infected to it and causes the virus to change to H1N1.

It's believed that the flu started spreading from Latin America (Mexico) and then to North America(USA and Canada) How come it spreads in that speed?? Just like SARS when infected passengers ride on a plane and infected the whole plane with the INFLUENZA. Then it spreads!

The deadliest about the influenza is that it's rated 4 by WHO(World Health Organization) that IT CAN BE SPREAD THROUGH HUMAN TO HUMAN OR PIG TO HUMAN.......This flu has already caused death in 1918-1920(Spanish flu) It's the largest death toll in the pandemic 40-100 MILLION DEATH. It seems to be the pandemic has relived. The virus mainly strike young, healthy adult just like the Spanish flu(1918-1920)

Virus magnified 100,000 times
It's just like SARS.....We must frequently wash our hands and avoid toaching our eyes or nose with unwashed hands. Cover your mouth when you cough or cough in tissue or in hand. Throw the tissue into the garbage immediately after used and washed your hands. DO NO COUGH AT YOUR FRIENDS AS IT CAN BE SPREADED FROM HUMAN TO HUMANSymptons of Swine flu(pig flu)

So if you have these symptons, please pay a visit to your nearest hospital. Better safe then sorry.
Is it another INFLUENZA PANDEMIC?? I hope it won't. Let's just keep our finger crossed...Last but not least...Take Care Everyone.


My new phone

Well this phone isn't actually mine because I'm on the keeper of it, it's my mother's. My father bought it last Saturday since my last keeping phone is broken due due to don't know what happen. It's Nokia 2600 Classic. Quite a stylish phone and cheap! not AP(approved product) but a real Nokia phone. And quite new. Just released last year January

The phone looks just like this and this colour.

For the phone specs go to here

That's it
FYI again, this is not my phone!!!

Only CLEVER people will success in their life

Well, I PERSONALLY DON'T AGREE with this point because I don't think so and in reality it also doesn't seems to be like that.

Well.....The reason I got this thing is when I was coming back from tuition/shopping mall, my mother said :"You arrr.....better get your class position in 10th in next semester test." Then I was wondered why I need to get in 10th??There's no rule saying I must get in 10th???

Then I asked her why. She said :"Your brother never get 10th and below no need to say your sister lah." Then I wondered again..'Do I have to follow each of my elder siblings steps??' I mean for some sack, give some FREEDOM! Not everyone is the same ok? Then my mum said that if I get good result, I'll get a better life for the future.

Is she means that not good-educated person CAN'T SUCCEED IN LIFE? Look at some creator in they past, do they got good educated life to be succeed?? NO! I just can't get it. Then I said to her :"Does it have any differences between a clever person and a dumb person?? NO! They are still a human, so what's the differences?? You thought a not well educated person like a garbage collector is a loser?? If there's no garbage collector, who will come and everyday come and pick your rubbish up? Will you still call them loser??" She's speechless

Yea I know. Mother's Day is closing in and I shouldn't talk like that BUT I just want to express my feeling. I just can't handle the pressure of studying. One year four tests WANT ME TO GET EVERYTIME 10TH AND ABOVE?? Please larr.......I'M NOT A BOOKWORM NOR A COMPUTER. Give me a break.......


That's it
No offense here


Well as you can see at my blog, I've changed my blog template. Don't know whether it suits or or just give your comment and I'LL CHANG IT! Just a short post here. The blog template theme is Black Wood from Deluxe Templates. Lot's of templates there and a good support help from Klodian.

Well that's it.

Flood that I've seen last Sunday

Wow! I've seen a flood last Sunday. Well it's not really a flood, just the drains overflowed after a heavy rain for hours at Northern Miri. I saw these flood when I was going for my tuition. Before you start looking at those pictures, I want to apologize for bad quality pictures. I used my dad's 2MP camera phone to take it and I take it in my dad's car.

Here's the pictures :

Drain overflowedRoad flooded with water. My first experience.

Another flooded road.Poor roadside house. It's compound are all flooded.

Yea that's it. I wish I could take more but my dad's phone ran out of battery.

See ya
Luckily there's no landslide happened Thank God

Tsunami Coming??

I got this email from my cousin and it says there's a tsunami gonna hit Malaysia??!! WHAT?! IT GONNA HIT MALAYSIA AND MIRI(my hometown)?!

Here's how it is.

“Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

And they said it's a prediction made by an Italian scientist??? How he can predict a tsunami was coming??? He's a God?? NO WAY!!!!!! And as the scientist said it gonna be a sun/moon eclipse happened at that time.....A tsunami coming together with a sun/moon eclipse??

Whatever it is, as it said better be safe than sorry. But I think it just a mail that wanna create some chaos at the people around. And I see many of this thing in other place such as miricommunity.net

That's it
Better safe than sorry!!!!

Good Friday

Sorry for no updating for a long time...So yea....Yesterday was Holy Thursday and today is Good Friday..Went to Mass at 3pm just now and it takes a long time but it's ok with me because I can stand the heat. And then finished at 5pm.

After that then nothing LOL......

I can just hope for Easter Day now : )

I know it's a short and lame post..I'm sorry for it..But I can think any other things for update..

Waiting for Easter Day

April Fool

Yea can't update yesterday due to cannot online. But yesterday's April Fool nothing happened to me because I didn't get cheated but my friend, Kye Fung tried to fool me once i got to school here's how he cheated me.

(I Came up from stairs)
Kye Fung :"Mark!!!! go down and take your chair. There's no chair for you. Come I help you to take your bag you go down and take your chair."
Mark :"Owh okay....(Then I paused and think)...I was coming up through the hall I didn't se any chairs there. Try to fool me huh???
(Conversation ended)

Yea so that's roughly about it. But school's been so far so good for me.

So I think that's it