Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice everyone. Seriously I don't really know what does festive about and yet I celebrate it every year. At this time, we Chinese always make a kind of flour thing, named "Tang Yuan" in Chinese. It always is white in colour or you can add colour yourself, coated with crunched peanut and sugar. That's what my mum always prepared for us to eat every year.

Pictures explained more than what I said I guess.

The "tang yuan"

Then cooked them in boiling water. Sorry my water ain't boiling because the fire not really strong.

Then coated with this crunched peanut with sugar.

Final product is something like this :)

Later this late afternoon, I went to Wisma San Yan with my family. I can confirm that San Yan is the most fancy shopping complex in Sibu. In Sibu only. It combines offices and shopping complex together.

The fanciest building in Sibu. Wisma San Yan.

Fancy huh?
Having window-shopping inside. Walked the whole shopping complex. Had a McD ice-cream shake. Nice one. Then, before I went home I saw this sign.....Made me burst into laughter.

FYI to those doesn't know who Datuk T. Mahmud is, he's our Sarawak Chief Minister for almost 20+ years. And still serving. Wonder how many times he had stepped his feet into San Yan??? Special reserve for him eh...

I guess that's all. Tomorrow gonna be back to Miri.

Bintangor/Sarikei Day Trip.

Currently still at Sibu now. Well, today went to Bintangor and Sarikei to follow my parents to update their "property" at Sarikei Land Survey Department. And Bintangor is our rest stop. Off we go at around 0915 hrs and we took the short cut (Which is not a good one) because the road was partially flooded.

Arrived at Bingtangor an hour later. Went to my aunt's kinda old shop which is cool and packed although very dirty lol.

Typical Bintangor shophouses. Nothing had changed except a few more banks' outlet popped out.

After resting for a while and doing something at the bank, we're off to Sarikei. Another town. Boring town.

First stop in Sarikei? Of course it's Land Survey Department lo. Kinda strange when we arrived there because no one seems to care about us. Stood there for 5 mins before someone came and it's not at peak hour and we're the only one there that time.
Property stuff huh???

After a few ups and downs and we were done. Walked around the market nearby and bought some cakes/biscuits. I don't know how to describe it.
Market place. No ppl.

The thing i'm talking about. It's fresh from oven too. Flavour? Pandan-kaya. Nice

And this white-bean flavoured.

My recommended this coffee shop who is going to Bintangor next time to try its PRAWN NOODLES!!!!!


Combine two HUGE prawns, some veges, very chewy noodles and delicious soup. It's simple SLUUUURPILIOUS!!!!!

Let's start eating!!!!!!

Look at that baby......One baby can stuff your MOUTH FULL!

But it doesn't seems cheap. One bowl of it cost RM12.......But very reasonable for it because it's really stomach-stuffing bowl. BIG BOWL. Guess I'm going to have high cholesterol because yesterday CRABS, today PRAWNS........LOL

Good news is I'll be back day after tomorrow. Not Thursday...Weeee

That's all for now.

Mr Krab is coming to town!

Sorry for not blogging for so long since my last FV post which is 16 days ago. Haha nothing to write about. Holidays are extremely boring for me. Same schedule as always. Now currently at Sibu for the second time this month. 3 times of bumpy road rides. There's gonna be the fourth time.

After arriving at Sibu just now, been Facebooking and checking forum. That's all. My parents and my sister went to hospital to check my grandma's condition. And I wrote this status updates on Facebook.

Then at 8pm, my parents FINALLY came back and we went out ASAP to find some restaurant to fill-up our belly together with my cousin which works at Sibu General Hospital. Just want to invite her to eat. Haha

We went to this restaurant.......Which is famous for its delicious, salivaous crabs and porky legs LOL.....My mood that time not good. Too hungry.

We just ate our side-orders first before the main dish which are just simple plate of kangkung, some sort of Sabah's vege, and a seems-like-very-expensive fish and a bowl of Tomyam soup. Fuh~~~~Belly's "fuel" is full. Then, comes the main dish. 2 KILOS OF CRABS!

The far-end one is 1 kilo of Black pepper crabs and the nearer one is another 1 kilo of BUTTER crabs. Wakakaka..Does that looks like 2 kils of crabs???

The our secret weapon to "operate" the crabs? Besides, our teeth?

A hammer

And yes, if you're my classmates, that's exactly the same hammer as the ones we used at KH room. Wanna try? So the situation there is like everyone is doing some CRABENTRY!!! With all the knockings and munchings!!! CRABENTRY!!!!

Oh no!!!!! Is that Mr Krab's hand??!!! I gonna eat you!!!!

After ngap-ngap for a while, all the left are like these. I don't mind if you want it? I can "tapau" for you if you want. LOL

My dad said something funny about it. He said " Oh, this table is like a war-torn places" And indeed, it looked really like a war-torn place.

Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Kosovo? Lebanon? You name it.

*Fast saying*
So after one plate of kangkung, a plate of Sabah's vege, one bowl of Tomyam soup, a plate of seems-like-very-expensive fish, four glasses of Iced Lemon, a can of 100PLUS, Barley drink and *gasping for air* 2 KILOS OF CRABS!

The total price is?

Triple 1
Not a bad price nor a good price for it. I'm OK after eating those. Hope my Sibu trip this time gonna be something good.

I guess that's it for now. Satisfied.
First post from SIBU!

I'm so bored that I go to play this game.

EXTREMELY BORED NOW.............Though I was already back to home and have my PC, I just still feeling bored. So I went to play this game since my bro is like playing this game still very pro.


Duh~~I was liked when I saw my bro keep on saying that this game is fun, I just ignored or laughed him (seriously) because I think it's too childish (my bro is 19) for me. And then during my trip to Sibu, I'm just too bored until I couldn't believe my own eyes. I LOGGED IN TO FARMVILLE AND ACTUALLY PLAYED IT!!!!!

Quite fun. (Don't know how long I will last playing it)

Starters is just like this
Poor me. Only got 2 plants to be harvested and I still had to wait for it

Stupid me. Waited for a day to harvest my Soybeans and Eggplants. Now growing some Strawberries. Poor lonely farmer looking at me, pierced my eyes and looked straight into my brain, laughed at me saying "YOU FINALLY PLAYED FARMVILLE. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!" LOL.
Now I got a lot of plowed soil, some animals and some trees, hay bales............Still waiting for the Strawberries to be harvested. Slow..................

And finally before I end this post.............You know what I'm going to say if you're my Facebook friends.............................................................................................................................................................

I seriously need neighbours.....I'll add you no matter what's your RACE, RELIGION AND WHEREABOUT.............Thanks

That's it