Holidays Upcoming!

Well, it's finally holiday after 2 weeks of hectic studying and exams. Brain juice almost drained out. This coming Raya holidays is exactly what I need to. Thank God.

My original goal is to use this holiday to study as well as get my academics straight before SPM. I have tonnes of reference books, tonnes of forecast papers, tonnes of exercises ready, so I'm fully prepared for it. But there's always one thing stands in my way. Procrastination. And I admit. I procrastinate really bad :O Can't help. :/

But hopefully my determination can battle with my procrastination, because if I don't use this coming holidays wisely, I don't think there's any second chance to make up with what I've been missing throughout my high-school studies. So I'm either prepared for SPM after this holiday or I'm just a piece of dead meat. Almost all my Science subjects are still not that good yet. Not to mention my History and Additional Maths. Out of 9 subjects, I only able to get good marks for like, 3 at most? And that's only by luck. So, I'm really have to get myself back on track with the studies already.

Next 3 days gonna be the Youth Rally coming up. Mixed feelings about it. I'm excited because the rallies have been great since like 4 years ago, learnt many stuffs out of it. I'm not so keen about joining it this year because I'm going alone. Forever alone guy. Oh well, maybe I should just bring my novel there and stuck my head in it. Planned to do something during the lunch breaks for the rally so I guess there's not much time for me to stick my novel to my face. Gonna be so awkward walking alone there, for the next 3 days.

Anyway, been addicted to FOX TV Series : Fringe
It's a great TV-series. Action-packed, out-of-the-world technologies. I can't wait catching every episode through FOX. So I ended up downloading it. Not just 1, but 2 seasons. Gosh, really have to divide my time well for this holidays already, can't get myself having my face glued to the computer screen always.

Speaking of novel, I just bought one of James Patterson's Alex Cross' latest series, I assume? Kill Alex Cross, from Popular. Out of the blue, I know, because I really seldom read and definitely not buying novel for myself. So here's the novel itself. Just started until chapter 3. Very slow progress. :D
Da book itself.

Other than these, I'm just gonna sit back, relax and study. For the time being.

That's all for now.