Things that I do when my computer is away

Well, not that I don't want to update my blog for so long. It's because my computer broke down at the beginning of December till now. Almost 20 days without it. Suffering :O I suppose that 20 days without computer is sort of a test for my LEVEL OF ADDICTION to computer aye? Indeed it's more worse than drug addiction but heck, I STILL SURVIVED *nahhh, I cheated*.

December is pretty much like a PREPARATION period for me to get ready for school next year. Why? Because I almost everyday go to school to work with the Orientation Program for next year's new students. Damn! But since there's no computer for me, so I gladly accepted it. In fact, I want MORE! Strange.......
Other than those school stuffs, I have to also manage those Red Crescent first aid duty throughout the whole holiday, especially those football competitions. Nothing special EXCEPT for the Miri Christmas Parade duty. It was whole lots of fun plus IT'S RAINING.

Hanging out with friends for 2 BBQs in last 2 weeks. Parkson, parkson parkson everytime. Celebrated Priscilla's birthday at Parkson again last Monday. Other than those activities, I guess I just "hang out" at home :O It's boring, I know I know..........So these are what I do just to kill time at home.

#1 : Online............with my Sony Bravia TV............and it ain't easy :/

You actually have to type with the remote like a mobile phone or something. Down side of using this? People don't actually know HARD it is for me to fast reply them when chatting or discussing...Grrrr......

Sometimes, what pisses me off even more is when I got this message.

Always happened in the middle of everything. And you will like "WHY YOU LIKE THIS???!!!!" Really darn annoying sometimes. So have to resort to mobile web most of the time, like for Twitter and Facebook for faster loading.

Much more smoother and no worries. But one thing is that there's NO privacy. Imagine you parents can see what you type and see when you're surfing Facebook and Twitter.

#2 : Playing with my guitar all day LONG......I mean really LONG.
Some really cheapo style of playing a classical  XD.........
LONG means I played it over and over and over and over again those notes and scales until it hurts my fingers so bad. :O Played some chords and songs. At least better than nothing.

#3 : Folding stars.
This is like for the ULTIMATE BORED time.......Started way before my computer broke down. Just as a way of killing time. Drove me nuts sometimes folding it because I thought I've folded many but turned out only a few.......Hmmm.....

#4 : Playing with my fearsome cat.....TROLOL :D

Which always either doesn't give a damn about me, or simply will just bite me. Bad cat. :O

#5 : Exercise? More like only eat less.

Been only walking around my neighbourhood just to hope to get off some weight. And eat less too. Heck, yesterday I went shopping with my parents to buy some new clothes for Chinese New Year and I've found out that my waist is now 30, compared to what it used to be, 32.........That's what quite freaked me out. I guess my school trousers won't gonna fit me anymore.....NEED BELT!

#6 : Go for some little "vacation"

So not a vacation to me. Went to Sibu this week to attend a wedding dinner of my cousins I would say......My mum told me, he had to call me UNCLE if according to the Chinese family hierarchy. Wut the.......Come on, I'm the one younger here.
The following day, followed my dad to Sri Aman for some revisit of the Unknown.  Didn't quite reach that cool mountain top again. And all those used-to-be-crystal-clear rivers are all gone. Sad. Gone back to Sibu that evening. Dad planned a heroic act, to drive directly from Sri Aman back to Miri, but cancelled. :D

Pretty much that's what I've did so far for this December holiday. Christmas Eve's today. Woohoo :D But that only means one thing. Church's mass tonight is at MIDNIGHT 12. Then tomorrow morning, it's 7am Sunday mass again. Oh man, it only means I'm going to "fish"(if you get what I mean) in either of the mass. Or maybe both. :O But gonna get energetic for both masses because I'm in the choir, singing all sorts of Christmas Songs :D Can't wait :P

Haha that's all from me for now. Thanks for reading this,

See you again......