Happy Chinese New Year!! :)

Haha! I thought it might be little late to post this up since it's already 4 DAYS passed since the 1st day of Chinese New Year. But anyway,


To you all...... XD

Anyway, as usual from last year. This year my reunion dinner with my family is in Miri. Not like the years before where I had mine at Sibu. Well it's because both of my grandparents passed away last year, so we don't have mass gathering with relatives this year. :/ 

The reunion dinner I had this year, although it's quite simple and plain BUT I still like it no matter how because I appreciate the chance that God have given me to be able to stay together with my family throughout these years. Below are some pictures of the reunion dinner. Errr, sorry about my stupid and immature face expressions yah....Just acting stupid. :x

Photo taken before the actual dinner whereby my sister is not in it.

So, I've decided to........

CAMWHORE!!!! LOL.....Failed so bad with my face expression. =.=

HAHA! So as you can see, we're having simple steamboat. Mum said it's a good idea because she doesn't have to cook so much dishes :D 

Anyway, enjoyed the fireworks show in the midnight and I've always, always, always miss Sibu's fireworks show. It's much more grand and more variety of it to be enjoyed. Oh well, I guess I have to wait until next year's then. So sad........

Then on the first day of Chinese New Year, went to church for mass and wala, off we go to Sibu. ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHINESE NEW YEAR. :O 6 hours of bumpy ride going to Sibu. Arrived at Sibu at 7pm sharp and headed directly to my aunt's house where all my aunts and uncles gathered to have a mass gathering, together with my handsome-handsome and pretty-pretty de cousins. Yay :D

Woohoo :D Great times :)
Well, this is just some of my cousins. Most of them who are staying in Kuching didn't come back this year. Haih....but still we all enjoyed ourselves :D My dad and mum literally talked with my aunts and uncles until like 1 or 2am, drinking XO and wine :O

So we all ended up either drunk or fell asleep on the couch

And we all ended up waking quite late the next day :/ But still energetic to COLLECT SOME ANGPAUS after cleaning up and got dressed! 

Went around my aunts house throughout the day, went to Bintangor around 3pm to visit my 3rd aunt. Went to my uncle's house at night. Ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of soft drinks, wines and beers. OMG It's so unhealthy but who cares, it's Chinese New Year man! 

Hmm, that's pretty much for my Chinese New Year so far. Actually I could go house visiting with my friends yesterday but I was still on my way back from Sibu but I couldn't :( Felt so bad. But anyway, although it might sounded a little bit boring for you but that's my Chinese New Year so far :D It doesn't really matter how much you've collected for your angpaus but what matters is your family and relatives. So I pretty much enjoyed myself. 

That's all from me 
Thank you 

You're always in my mind.