Not believing this.

Well, it's nothing spectacular that I am about to post but I'm really not believing myself can be back here blogging again. It's really been a while, again, again and again.

Well, through out the months that passed by since January until now, it's really been a great journey. From Prefect's camp at March to my Red Crescent Camp in June, then the reckless first aid training sessions with my Form 4 juniors and of course the competition itself, then to the school concert, Ahhh there are just so much memories left behind throughout these activities. Never a second time, there's no going back for it for now.

School has been a great place so far except I am getting bored due to nothing to be busied with. I'm so used to busy around with schools' stuffs until I can't get used to doing nothing in school, no stay backs, nothing but going back home. But of course there's always the 3-major-killing words that never fail to come into my mind - SPM. Really have to get back on studies and strive well in the exams as I've been neglecting studies all these times just for the activities that I have to get them done, before SPM. But then I don't regret spending my time doing them because it is what I had to do and get it done right before I handover them to the juniors.

So for now it's just the matter of study, study and study. which I have to really force myself to do so. Otherwise, I'll be doomed for SPM. Other than that, I am very excited about the upcoming 2 activities which is the Youth Rally at Imperial Hotel, which will be held during Raya Holiday and of course my Prefects' Seniors' Night (date unknown). At least these are the last 2 events which I can enjoy myself before really digging in for studies once again. I am so looking forward for those 2 events.

I guess that's all about it for now. Don't dare to write every single account of my life since Jan until now or else it will a very long post. Hopefully can always keep posting blogs for now on, *suddenly the passion for blogging is back!! Lol*

See ya soon!