MCKL Neon Run 2014

This might be a liiitttllleee bit too late but hey, my college held the very first Neon Run on the 22nd of February in Putrajaya. Although it's just 10KM run, but for a sluggish person like me, it might be a nightmare to run a 10K Run. So, I've decided to train for it by jogging around the KLCC park every Saturday morning. And it paid off, well.

The Neon Run was held in front of the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. I used to think that, "Urghh, Putrajaya, such a boring place with all the Government's Building and yada-yada, but this Neon Run proved me wrong. Putrajaya is by far, the cleanest place I've seen in Malaysia (Probably because it's because all the Federal Government buildings are here.) But, still, it's clean.

 In front of the Palace of Justice.

Right opposite the Palace of Justice, are the Neon Run runners in neon orange t-shirt

Went there by the bus provided from College around 5.30pm and waited for the start until around 8pm. So at the mean time, I just went around with my friends and taking pictures. 

Well of course the Neon Run was organised for a cause. The Student Council of Methodist College organised the Neon Run for a charity cause of stopping hunger. The Official Beneficiary of the Neon Run is channeled to the organisation Stop Hunger Now. So all the fees collected through the registration will be use for a good cause and we managed to raise a fund of RM14K for Stop Hunger Now, which by far is a big success for the Student Council and the College.

 The VIPs of the Run and Representative from the Official Beneficiary : Stop Hunger Now

Our College CEO : Miss Moey

I managed to run the 10K run without stopping, although at the last few KMs, I felt like my legs are about to give way but I succeeded in finishing the run in just 55 minutes, not something to be boast about but it is by far, my best record. And I felt, accomplished, and somewhat, addicted to running hehe....

Here are some of the photos I've gotten from MCKL Student Alumni's Page.

Starting point, HOOAHHH!!

 After the Run, group photos with my friends

Yeaaahhh, we all came back in one piece :P

Overall, it's a good experience and I never have known that running/jogging could be so interesting and it really taught me to always push myself until the finish line.

"Life is just like running a marathon. Sometimes you can speed up, when tired, you can slow down. But most importantly, you cannot give up."
Quoted from Me. :P

And did I mention that I'm addicted to running? Haha, I've signed up for the KL Tower Towerthon 2014 as well, which will be held on the 18th of May 2014. Here's the link to sign up : KL Towerthon 2014
Although I will be having my AS exams by then, but it's just a day and I know it will be fun. So I have to continue to train for that!! PS : Climbing up staircases are even harder than running a 10K, I've tried running up 12 floors to my hostel, and I was panting.

Will update again soon!!
Till then.